Lake Como Wedding at Villa Erba

Nestled on Lake Como’s shores in Northern Italy, Villa Erba, a luxurious neoclassical villa with a rich history, provided a stunning backdrop for Catherine and Christophe’s Persian wedding ceremony. With its breathtaking lake views and manicured gardens, the Villa offered the perfect setting for up to 400 guests to celebrate the couple’s union.

The ceremony centered around a traditional “sofreh aghd,” an elaborately decorated spread laid out in the garden. This symbolic display, representing the couple’s connection to their families and each other, featured an arrangement of fruits, nuts, and special foods from both sides. The pattern itself, often a family tree or a heart design, held particular meaning, while special stones placed for the bride and groom signified their individual bond. Following the heartfelt ceremony, the venue transformed into a lively space for the couple and their guests to enjoy a celebratory wedding party.