Cote D’Azur wedding photographer

We’re still in France, traveling through the south and shooting Cote D’Azure wedding. Our next wedding takes us to Nice – a beautiful location for wedding photography. The event was organized by Imaginez  – Cannes based production company specializing in creating luxury events. I’m really honored they invited me to do the photography for them. Our heroes of the day where Jeanette and Magnuss – a super cool couple from Norway – join them at their wedding and check out the photos below.

Calming palm trees remind me of Cannes

I believe I shot this wedding back in August. It might be too hot for a wedding in French Riviera for some, but it’s totally all right for Scandinavian or British people. We found ourselves in a private villa near Grasse, with a beautiful view of the walled town. Love how the old architecture is still preserved. It blends in with the palm trees and you know in an instant, that you’re in the South of France. The best bit of being a wedding photographer in French Riviera is being there. This is why I call my occupation a lifestyle, not a job. It just feels great being there. Check out my selection of best wedding venues in South of France here.

wedding venues Grasse Private villas for rent in cannes


Love what Imaginez Cannes did with the design and layout here. Smart use of the swimming pool – I had an unobstructed view of the dining area. I didn’t hear of any accidents as well.

French Villas with swimming pool Cannes wedding hair stylist private villas in France wedding make up artist Nice jewellers Cannes self made wedding makeup kids at weddings kids hairstyles 2021 pronovias wedding dress Cannes

Flower girls

Just check out how little girls are admiring her mom’s wedding dress. A beautiful moment with beautiful backlight.I LOVE their white dresses. Like two little brides. Like mother, like daughters. This is definitely a very special day for them too. They also got some wedding gifts. Two very cute golden bracelets.

pronovias wedding dress Nice bride getting ready kids wedding gowns pronovias wedding dress cote d Azurflower girl engagement ring jewellers Cannes Norwegian wedding in Framce Norwegian wedding in Nice bridal preparations necklace jewellers wedding portrait church wedding in Nice France anglican church wedding NIce wedding photographer Nice

Wedding ceremony at the Anglican Church in Nice. It’s quite unusual to have a wedding in a church in French Riviera, usually destination weddings are celebrated in private gardens or on the beach, this was a nice change though.

event design south of France

Wedding reception took place by the pool under the palm trees. Tables decorated with red, pink roses and green hortenzias. The colour of flowers perfectly stood out from the white table setting.Chairs looking more comfortable than usually.

South of France wedding wedding photographer south of France

French Riviera wedding photographer

Few minutes of the golden light at the French Riviera wedding. A beautiful moment to be a wedding photographer in French Riviera. We got just 5 minutes for the photoshoot as the schedule was so tight, but I’m really happy how it worked out. We climbed on the rooftop of the house, you know it is very easy because for some houses roofs starts from the road next to the house.

French Riviera wedding photographer
French Riviera wedding photographer

French Riviera wedding photographer norwegian wedding South of France cocktail hour captured moments

Cote d'Azur wedding design Imaginez

Nothing says more about the French Riviera than Marquee, swimming pool, and a Palm tree.

men at work styled wedding photoshoot Nice

A dude from a movie set.

cocktail hour candid wedding photos final touches mother of the bride private villa weddings english speaking wedding photographer in South of France

wedding photography French Riviera
wedding photography French Riviera
funny speeches
Emotions during Best man’s speech

Cote D'Azur wedding party photographer Nice

Thank you guys for having me at your wedding. It was an amazing day and I’m pleased to have been your wedding photographer.

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