Destination wedding Italy

PRONTO! That’s what they say when they pick up the phone, our next destination takes us for a beautiful destination wedding in the western part of Italy, Portofino, to be precise. This was the second wedding I shot there, the previous one can be seen here. This is a great location to shoot weddings and it sure felt great to be back. The day turned out very windy which made life difficult for the bride, but turned out as a great wedding photographs for me. The wedding started at the San Giorgio church in Portofino and continued in Castello Canevaro in Zoagli. To sum it up Portofino is a great place for wedding photography and one of the nicest place to have a destination wedding. For all the details please check the photos below, enjoy.
Portofino wedding
Portofino wedding
 The breathtaking view of Portofino.
 San Giorgio church, on top of the cliff, a windy place.
The groom looks calm…
 ..must have things for the wedding ceremony.
Destination wedding Italy
 The veil, huge!
wedding veil
bridal veil
Destination wedding Italy
San Giorgio church wedding
wedding flowers
Portofino wedding
 Hold on to that veil!
italian wedding
destination wedding italy portofino
 Love the setting!
 Well, the rain was there, end of round one.
 One of my favourites, brave couple!
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