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James Bond Casino themed wedding – Chateau de Challain

Best James Bond Casino themed wedding

Don’t love too soon, trust too quickly, expect too high, talk too much

(James Bond)

James Bond casino-themed wedding is one of the most popular themes for today’s weddings. The Casino theme is suitable for any kind of wedding, from traditional to casual, from extravagant to economical.

The most important thing that you have to remember when planning your casino-themed wedding is that the guests must not know that they are in a casino. It would be rather strange to see people dressed in suits and ties at a casino, so you have to be creative with your decorations and outfits.

Each detail has to be planned with great care and attention so that the guests will feel like they are actually in a real-life casino, but at the same time, you wouldn’t want them feeling uncomfortable because they are not used to such an environment. If you want something different then choosing this theme for your wedding is definitely a great idea!

Chateau Challain 

Meet Carrie and Frank, a couple from New York at their James Bond-themed rehearsal dinner party and their fairy tale chateau wedding in France a day after.

Cynthia at Chateau de Challain and her hard-working team blew my mind yet again. The James Bond Casino Royale-themed party was very cool, I’m sure Mr 007 himself would have agreed with me. Everything starting with the black florals made the night special.

Guests dressed in black were spoiled with stylish cocktails and casino games. Everyone fancied the charming MI-6 agent’s party. There’s something special about James Bond that makes him so lovable.

The jazz band took a great part in creating the right ambiance. They had a playlist that included the most famous Bond movie soundtracks like Skyfall, by Adele, Die Another Day by Madonna, and Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey. And live music is always the best, am I right?

They also had professional poker dealers to make sure all guests were in a real Casino Royale mood. Acrobats hanging in red ribbons from the top of the ceiling were a proper cherry on top of the cake. And yes, a note from my wife – his abs were to die for. I wonder how many pushups can he do? All of them. (Chuck).

Regarding drinks, only the best mixologists came from Paris to create their special cocktails in their own way. Yes, I sampled some of them, they were exceptional.

Chateau wedding in France

I must admit I’m a huge Bond fan. I grew up watching movies from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig.

Anyway, this was my 10th year at Chateau Challain’s weddings and this wedding was just as great as the first one I covered. This time around I tried to focus more on details. So I ended up with an amazing set of photos!

The wedding day was a blast and my couple looked stunning! I wish them all the best!

The bride came out, all in white laced dress, with two little white angels AKA flower girls. Elegance and style followed Carrie and Frank everywhere they went. They had a beautiful church ceremony just outside the chateau.

The chateau was beautifully decorated with flowers, candles, and lights. It was a fairy tale wedding!

The wedding reception was held in the garden of the Chateau, which had an amazing view of the castle.

A wedding cake is always a memorable part of the reception. This one looked like it came from heaven!

When the dancing started, everyone got on the dance floor and had a blast. I really enjoyed photographing this wedding!

Check out those flowers there, they are stunning. The evening came with a full-blown party. They partied like there was no tomorrow, Bravo Shine Band Paris!

Bravo Carrie and Frank! I wish you all the best! I know you will be happy for years to come.

low light wedding nikon d850

James Bond Theme decoration
Wooow, these decors blew me away, so Casino Royale

James Bond chateau party decorations

white wedding dog
This little fella belongs to the chateau’s chef

chateau wedding

black wedding dress

james bond wedding dress James bond wedding party James bond wedding props james Bond wedding artist

james bond wedding decors

james bond casino wedding

james bond music band
Jazz band

james bond casino theme wedding party

wedding bartender

james bond party James Bond wedding chateau

black dress weddingjames bond entertainment rope dancer

rope dancer tricks

james bond party ideas
Such a spectacular performance of a rope dancer

james bond

james bond wedding details

Chateau Challain wedding
Chateau Challain is the perfect place for a fairy-tail wedding in Loire Valley in France

Elegant lace wedding gown

Jimmy Choo bridal shoes and romantic lace dress

wedding gazebo in France
The gazebo where other weddings take place in this Chateau, but not this time
wedding ring photographer
…and they lived happily ever after
wedding invitation inspiration
Stunning hand-painted wedding invitations and menu

james bond wedding make up flower girls wedding photo james bond wedding flower girls flower girls shoes wedding flower girls

flower girl with a broken arm
Flower girl’s arm, I liked the story behind this picture

lace luxury wedding dress 2020

Blush and White bridal bouquet
Blush and White bridal bouquet

romantic wedding shoes France wedding photographer

Reda Carrozze wedding carriage
Reda Carrozze wedding carriage is a hand-made piece of art back from those days
wedding horse and carriage France
All the locals from the bar came out to see the bride arriving at the church

french church wedding

best wedding photographer in france church wedding ceremony France church wedding flowers altar France church wedding ceremony church wedding decorations wedding painter France

wedding nature friendly confetti ideas
Rose petals, nature-friendly confetti

elegant french wedding style wedding decorations

Vintage 1956 Citroen Traction Avant
Vintage 1956 Citroen Traction Avant

fairy tail wedding photographer Best wedding photographer France engagement ring on bride's finger

wedding photographer
They are such an elegant couple
wedding shoes bride and groom
A nice pair of wedding shoes


wedding photographer in Loire valley
Love the sunflower season in July

how to pose in wedding pictures small french village wedding bride and groom wedding photo

fairy tail wedding menu fairy tale wedding flowers fairy tail wedding theme reception french wine james bond

first wedding dance
I love this dress and shoes, she looks so relaxed
reception bridal wedding dress
The bride quickly jumped into another more comfortable dress, this was a smart decision

first wedding dance dress wedding centerpieces

wedding reception ideas
This wedding band made all the people dance

wedding party ideas chateau wedding decorations

wedding band shine
Wedding band Shine from Paris

james bond musicians groom's clothes james bond theme wedding cake james bond cake ideas

candid wedding photographs

wedding fireworks
This was an excellent wedding with excellent fireworks at the end

james bond wedding dj

That’s it! Stay tuned for more.

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