Pre-Wedding in Dolomites and Lago Di Braies, Italy

I recently had the absolute joy of capturing a pre-wedding shoot for the fabulous couple Leo and Carmen from Hong Kong. Where did we go, you ask? Only to the jaw-dropping Dolomites and the tranquil Lago di Braies! This shoot was a photographer’s dream come true.

Our adventure kicked off in the Dolomites, with its dramatic peaks and serene valleys setting the stage for Leo and Carmen’s love story. The early morning light kissed the mountains just right, turning everything into a photographer’s goldmine. Seriously, it was like Mother Nature herself was on our lighting crew.

Then, we headed to the magical Lago di Braies. Picture a pristine lake, lush forests, and towering mountains all around. The crystal-clear waters mirrored the couple’s joy perfectly. We had an absolute blast capturing their playful, romantic moments, and let me tell you, their chemistry was off the charts! We even squeezed in a few spontaneous dance moves – because why not?

This pre-wedding shoot in the Dolomites was nothing short of unforgettable. It combined Italy’s breathtaking natural beauty with the vibrant love shared by Leo and Carmen. If you’re dreaming of a pre-wedding shoot in the Dolomites, take a page from their book – it’s the perfect recipe for stunning photos and unforgettable memories!