An Honest Confession: Simona & David Reflect on Their Forever-Favorite Wedding Photos (Almost Three Years Later!)

Hey there! Janis Ratnieks here, your friendly neighborhood (and hopefully soon-to-be) wedding photographer! Ever wonder what your wedding photos could look like with a dash of fun, a sprinkle of magic, and a whole lotta heart? Well, buckle up because I’m about to introduce you to Simona and David, a fantastic couple whose wedding I had the privilege of capturing… almost three years ago! (Time flies when you’re having a blast, right?)

Simona and David are here today to spill the tea on their experience with me and let’s just say it involves some laughs, maybe a runaway dress incident (don’t worry, no spoilers!), and possibly a glowing review that might just convince you I’m the #BestWeddingPhotographerEver. Ready to see if my photo magic lives up to the hype? Let’s dive in!


1. Thoughts On The Wedding Photographer’s Work Style And Feelings During The Photoshoot


The wedding photographer’s vibe? We totally wanted our wedding day to feel like pure joy and, let’s be honest, a giant party celebrating love!  The photos definitely captured that feeling, so high fives all around for the amazing photographer!

2. Were There Any Moments When You Felt Uncomfortable Or Awkward?


Simona: Both of us experience awkward situations from time to time in our daily lives, so why not on our wedding day as well? Usually, the recipe for awkward situations is one thing from my arsenal, but this time the “recipe owner” was my husband. The most vivid memory is how my husband and father stepped on my dress before the sunset photo shoot and tore off part of the petticoats. And don’t you think this is the most awkward moment every bride fears?

3. Did The Wedding Photographer (Me Janis Ratnieks) Work Well With You And Your Guests?


How could a positive, attractive, and humorous photographer not work well with both us and our guests? The photographer on our wedding day was able to capture the most heartfelt, funniest, and most beautiful moments, which allows us, and we believe also our guests, to look back and remember fantastic and happy moments.

4. Would You Change Anything?


Nah, not really.  Sure, some moments might have been a little goofy, but hey, that’s what makes them real, right? We wouldn’t trade those genuine laughs and silly faces for anything.

5. I Poured My Heart (And Maybe A Little Sweat) Into Capturing Your Special Day. But Honestly, Which Photo Makes You Go ‘Wow, Janis, You Seriously Captured Lightning In A Bottle With This One!’?


Is it possible to select the option – all the pictures from the album? Looking back at the captured memories, each photo seems unique and special, it is difficult to choose only a few, but I would like to have all of them.

6. Are There Any Photos That You Would Like To Have Been Taken Differently? If So, How?


Simona: The moment when my husband stepped on the dress, but unfortunately, no one saw it except me and my husband. But in all seriousness – no, because the photographer found the right moments (except for my husband’s “moment”).


7. Do Your Wedding Photos Seem Like A True Reflection Of Your Personalities And Relationships?


These photos are all sunshine and smiles! Do they capture our everyday personalities exactly? Well, let’s just say most Mondays don’t involve this much joy. But hey, who wants wedding photos filled with stress wrinkles, right? Janis captured the best, most celebratory versions of us!

wedding photographer review

8. Advice For Other Couples?


We would recommend having a photo session with your chosen photographer before the big day, as this would allow the couple to open up and get to know the photographer as well, and it would also allow the photographer to get to know you better so that they have a better understanding of how you want to capture your wedding day.

9. Is There A Special Spontaneous Moment Or Photo That Evokes An Especially Fond Memory Of Your Wedding Day?


The most special pictures were taken in the simplest places, for example, in a lavender field, which is a testament to the fact that the photographer’s ability to capture beautiful, heartfelt, and genuine moments does not depend on the most impressive cultural objects or landscapes, but rather on the ability to find the right angle and moment.

Ready to Make Your Wedding Memories Last a Lifetime? Let’s Talk Photos!


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