wedding at four seasons Florence

Luxury and Romance: A Four Seasons Wedding in Florence, Italy

I had the pleasure of photographing a breathtaking Italian luxury wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, where every moment was steeped in elegance and charm. The ceremony unfolded in the hotel’s lush garden, beside a beautifully adorned fountain that lent a serene ambiance to the proceedings. Bridesmaids adorned in soft pink gowns added a touch of grace, while Laura looked radiant in her elegant lace bridal dress. Adam was equally dashing in his light suit, exuding timeless sophistication.


After the heartfelt ceremony, we embarked on a photoshoot at a stunning location overlooking Florence’s renowned church staircase, capturing the couple amidst the city’s timeless beauty. The panoramic vista provided an exquisite backdrop, enhancing the romance and grandeur of their special day.


The Four Seasons Hotel in Florence provided the ideal setting, combining luxury with picturesque charm for a celebration brimming with love and joy. It was truly a privilege to document each detail of this unforgettable Italian wedding, from the heartfelt vows to the captivating scenery that made their day extraordinary.