Our Story

Well, it’s the two of us – my wife and me. I shoot weddings, and she handles the retouching. I know photography, while she understands women. You see, wedding photography is a highly intricate endeavor. Numerous factors must align perfectly to ensure its success, and that requires the right team. We’re professionals in this field. Just this week in October 2021, we celebrated our 17th anniversary as professional photographers. Seventeen years have passed since we embarked on this journey together, and it has truly broadened our perspectives.

Reflecting on it, I realize that in the beginning, we knew very little and comprehended even less. However, as far as I knew back then, we were on the correct path. This journey has taken us all over the globe, often traveling two or three times a year. We’ve explored 36 countries and stood beside people on one of the most emotional days of their lives. We’ve borne witness to the union of approximately 600 couples in matrimony. Yet, even now, when I stand next to a couple at the altar or nearby, I occasionally find myself shedding a tear or two. Sometimes it’s apparent, and other times it’s concealed, but the emotion is still there. Two individuals are joining in marriage, and having been married myself for 12 years, I appreciate every single moment of that union.

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