Our story

Well, it’s two of us – my wife and I. I shoot weddings – she does the retouching. I know photography – she knows women. You see – wedding photography is a very complicated thing. There are so many things that have to work right in order to make it work at all, and for this, you need the right people. We’re pros at this. It’s this week (October 2021) that we celebrated our 17th anniversary as professional photographers. It’s been 17 years since we started our journey together and it has opened our eyes wide open. Now that I think of it – back then we knew nothing, we understood nothing, but for all I knew then – we were on the right path. This path has taken us around the world, sometimes even two or three times per year. We’ve visited 36 countries. We’ve been close to people at one of the most emotional days of their lives. We’ve been witnesses of about 600 couples getting married and still when I’m standing next to the couple at the altar on the day, or, at least close by, sometimes I still shed a tear or two, sometimes it’s visible, more often it’s not. But still, I get emotional. It’s two people, getting married. I’ve been married for 12 years now and I enjoy every bit of that.

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