Frequently Asked Queastions


Q: What’s the booking procedure?

A: First you let me know more about your wedding, we agree on details, then I prepare the agreement, you sign the agreement and pay a 30% deposit. Once that’s received I’m all booked for you.


Q: How long in advance should we book you?

A: People generally book 6 to 18 months in advance, but even if your wedding is just a week away, be sure to contact us as late bookings, in general, are not a problem for us, just subject to availability.


Q: When you travel for a destination wedding, who covers your travel and accommodation costs?

A: For my travels in Europe I cap my travel expenses at EUR 500, so tis covers my round trip + 2 nights in a hotel. If I spend less than EUR 500, I’ll charge you less, if I book my flights late and spend EUR 600 for my flights and hotel, I’ll still charge you EUR 500. If it’s a multi day wedding, please add the hotel costs accordingly.

For destinations like Australia, Asia, Africa and Americas please get in touch, it all can be arranged.


Q: What wedding locations do you cover.

A: We shoot weddings worldwide. Most of our work is done in UK, France and Italy, but we’ve travelled and shot weddings in 36 countries in most continents, and we’re happy to travel even more.


Q: Do you shoot film or digital?

A: I do prefer digital and shoot most of the time with digital, but if you’re a big fan of film, it’s colour and texture, I’m happy to shoot some Kodak Portra for you. This will cost extra and I’ll use it only if the light is right.


Q: Do you publish all weddings you shoot, can I keep my photos private.

A: I aim to publish most of my work, this is how you found me and half of my clients find me by going through the published photos online. If you’d like me not to publish your wedding photos, please let me know this when enquiring or at least before the wedding.