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Every wedding photographer in Surrey will agree with me when I say that this county is a beautiful part of England with its rolling hills and dense forests. It’s a perfect place to elope and celebrate your wedding.

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I’m Janis Ratnieks and I’m a wedding photographer in Surrey 

I travel the world creating beautiful wedding stories – here are some from Surrey.

Why Surrey? It’s the perfect place to be a wedding photographer at. It’s a beautiful part of the world and a quiet place near London.

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Surrey is one of the most romantic counties to celebrate your wedding in.
To make your planning a bit easier, we created this short guide with the best wedding venues in Surrey.

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How to Start Planning Your Dream Wedding in Surrey?

We’ve shot hundreds of weddings across the UK and we’ve visited many amazing wedding venues in England, so here we have created a guide to help your planning run smoothly.

You have to start somewhere and usually, the dream starts with a vision of a venue where the wedding will take place. The place has to feel right and if it does then go for it.

To help you get started…

Apart from feeling right, you have to take into account some practical things like:

  • the location of the venue – getting there both for you and your guests
  • if the venue provides overnight accommodation
  • if the venue has a license for parties over 11pm
  • what are the photo locations both indoors and outdoors
  • if the venue provides its own catering, or if you have to organise your own caterer
  • if the venue is booked for your wedding exclusively or if there are other guests on- site
  • if the venue has its own sound equipment
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Top 15 Best Wedding Venues in Surrey

Denbies Wine Estate

Nonsuch Mansion

Wotton House

Oatlands Park Hotel

Hampton Court House

Littlefield Manor

Pennyhill Park

Oaks Farm

Marden Park Mansion

Hartsfield Manor

Addington Palace

Barnett Hill

Gate Street Barn

High Billinghurst Farm

West Horsley Place

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You’ve Found Your Wedding Venue in Surrey – what’s next?

Now is the perfect time to contact your wedding photographer in Surrey. To find one – either go online or ask your friends for a recommended wedding photographer. Do not listen to the venue, when they say – here we have a list of three recommended wedding photographers. That’s not the best practice of finding one. What I suggest you do is look through his/her photos, as many as you can, and see what you like. If the price is not an obstacle – follow your heart. From a technical perspective, ask if your photographer is keeping an archive of all photos – I’ve been asked if I have the files 10 years after the wedding, and yes, I do.

Best Locations for Your Wedding Photoshoot in Surrey

  • Newlands Corner – with a stunning view over Surrey Hills
  • Denbies Wine Estate – known for their beautiful vineyards
  • Richmond Park – a beautiful park with lots of deer
  • Hatchlands Park – here you’ll find lots of bluebells in spring
  •  Leith Hill – fabulous views over Surrey, on a clear day you can see London from here
  • Shere – one of the tiny pretty villages
  • The North Downs – beautiful ancient woodlands and grasslands
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I would like to use this opportunity and salute the couple in the photos above – Mollie and Chris. They had their wedding in Surrey a few years back – it was a beautiful sunlit day in July (correct me if I’m wrong). They live in Australia currently, but yes, they chose Littlefield Manor as their wedding venue in Surrey. This wasn’t the first time I met them -I was the wedding photographer at their friends wedding in Clearwell Castle in Gloucestershire, which was one of the first weddings I’ve shot in the UK back in 2009. Then I met Mollie and Chris at Chris’s brothers destination wedding in Mexico. It very often amazes me how sophisticated the webs of referrals are – maybe I should start a new social network called “Hey, we met at that wedding”

The conclusion is simple – Surrey is beautiful and it’s my absolute pleasure to be a wedding photographer in Surrey.

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