Caribbean wedding

Good news everyone, my first ever Caribbean wedding is now LIVE here on our blog. Thank you Amanda and Fieldman for choosing me to be a part of a truly amazing day. The boys look smart, the girls are stunning, awesome hair and they’re off to go.
Caribbean wedding
Caribbean wedding
 Wotton House in Dorking, Surrey
 Yeah, this is how it’s done.
 Practicing the dance moves, just wait for the night girls.
 It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s superman!
 Cool hair!
 Girls practicing their dance routine.
 Yes, she’s ready!
Wotton House wedding
 Love this one, the light is stunning!
 Yep, that’s a tune from Star Wars Princess Leia’s theme!
Wotton House wedding
Caribbean wedding London
 Believe it or not, this is un-staged, purely caught moment, some might even call this documentary wedding photography.
 Wotton House, front view, people coming for a group shot.
wedding cake London
 My photo of the day, love the atmosphere, best models ever.
 This is what they practiced for, cool party guys!
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