Chateau Esclimont wedding photography

This is a rare opportunity, that I’m allowed to publish chateau Esclimont wedding photography I’ve done for one of my Japanese clients. I have to admit, it is a bit different from the thing we usually do, but I still love the result. We did the shooting in two locations – Chateau d’Esclimont near Rambouillet and central Paris. Daisuke and Shinobu – thank you for the endurance following my orders over two days, you are both really photogenic. Dear readers – please enjoy the last days of summer, I know it’s cold now, but that’s how it all looked a bit more than month ago.
One of my favourite wedding portraits.
Final touch ups and we’re ready to go.
portrait of the groom, chose to edit it black & white, that works out well.

Rambouillet wedding
Rambouillet wedding
Parks of Rambouillet, pricey but great location for a wedding photo shoot.
Table for two served at Chateau d’Esclimont.
berry wedding cake , strawberry cake
by now I consider myself a wedding cake expert, have tried them all, this was phenomenal.
Early evening, beautiful light, nice setting.
flowers in Hair
Esclimont wedding
Cutting the cake.
chateau Esclimont wedding photography
chateau Esclimont
Chateau Esclimont wedding venue, France.
Our first photo shoot location in Paris.
Some snapshots from our minibus.
Paris prewedding shooting foto
Under the Pont Neuf, a nice spot for romantic photos in Paris.
Pont Alexandre pre wedding photo.
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