Chateau wedding photographer

We’re still shooting chateau weddings in France, I’m sorry if you’ve been missing British weddings lately, but that’s how it is – we generally shoot nearly half of our work in the UK, other major location is France followed by Italy and frequent travels to other locations. So, I’ll still keep updating you with the work we’ve been doing in France. The following wedding was a small elopement for a Japanese couple. I’m obviously getting very popular among Japanese, Singaporean, Indonesian and Hong Kong couples as I’ve been doing lots of assignments for them lately, they must like my style of photography. The following shoot took place earlier in summer in the wonderful Chateau Challain, France. I’m looking back at this photoshoot and having some wonderful memories about the day. Check it out yourselves and see what I’m talking about.
Chateau wedding photographer
Wearing a wedding gown is obviously super complicated.
Last touch ups by Etsuko, the wedding planner and we’re all set.
church wedding ceremony France
It’s going to be a small, intimate wedding ceremony.
Chateau wedding photographer
Love this one, the light is so beautifully shaped.
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