Destination wedding Mexico

Our photography journey takes us to Mexico – to the destination wedding Mexico of Maria-Elena and Andrew. They celebrated their wedding at the  Hacienda Petac, just outside Merida, Yucatan. Oh boy, what a hot day it was – it reached up to 35C so the shooting conditions where really challenging, but the southern sun provided us with that beautiful light, so needed for those beautiful wedding photos. The real difference from European weddings was that there was so much colour everywhere – it’s either the light, or people are more creative when it comes to painting the walls. It’s obvious – Mexicans like colour. Hacienda Petac is a living proof of that and a great place to to have a wedding, it has the perfect environment for wedding photography with stunning interiors and and shady gardens to protect you from that Mexican heat. Ok then – please enjoy the wedding photos below – if you’re planning a destination wedding and looking for a photographerhere are the destinations I’ve shot at recently – check them and contact me to arrange the booking. Enjoy.
Hacienda Santa Cruz wedding
 A cowboy, just outside of Hacienda Santa Cruz.
 Girls getting ready for the wedding.
 Lavender bags.
 Hats for gents.
wedding photographer Hacienda Santa Cruz
Hacienda Santa Cruz
 Love the brides shoes!
 Versace behind the bars..
Mexican wedding photographer
Mexican wedding.

Hacienda wedding in Mexico
Hacienda wedding in Mexico.
Destination wedding Mexico
Destination wedding Mexico.
Hacienda Petac wedding
Hacienda Petac wedding.
wedding photographer Yucatan
Wedding photographer Yucatan.
Hacienda wedding Mexico
Destination wedding in Mexico
Destination wedding in Mexico.
refreshing drinks
Love this photo! I remember it was a very hot day, so the drink looks refreshing.
 These guys will beat anyone in The Guitar Hero!
Outdoor wedding reception Mexico
Outdoor wedding reception Mexico.
outdoor reception
An amazing outdoor reception under the warm Mexican night sky.
first dance
First dance.
destination wedding photographer
Thank you guys for having me at your destination wedding in Mexico – I’m very happy that you invited me to travel overseas for your wedding. It was an amazing experience, great days to remember. This was an amazing gig for me – destination wedding photographer.

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