The Gherkin wedding

Welcome to the The Gherkin wedding of Jade and Dave. The title says the wedding at 30 St Mary Axe and that’s where it was. It’s a fun place to do wedding photography – you get tons of reflections, glass everywhere. You never know when the fire brigade will show up, stuff just happens. Put this all together and it makes a great wedding venue for photography. Just add that white Rolls Royce or the Routemaster and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a London wedding.

 Beautiful wedding in the heart of  London

Sounds too easy for Jade and Dave so they went further. We enjoyed good 30 minutes of photo shoot around the City of London, Leadenhall Market, the strange church. And as a cherry on the top was the craziest party ever, the one in the photos below – it was a total blast. The guys at the Brick Lane Music Hall sure knew what they where doing.  The light and the setup was nothing less than spectacular – bit tricky to shoot, but that’s what makes it beautiful. Congratulations to Dave and Jade on your wedding. I really enjoyed the day with you and will remember it for a while. For the rest of you, check the photos below. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.
Gherkin wedding
Cover photo.
 Girls getting ready.
B&w photography
bridesmaids gifts
 The little presents for bridesmaids.
 Last look at parents home..
Rolls Royce
 Driving through the city in that Rolls.
Gherkin wedding
 Our Rolls Royce, City of London, reflection.
Rolls Royce
 Top of The Gherkin.
 As wide as it gets on Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 VR on FX Nikon D3s.
 The groom, overlooking London from the top of the Gherkin.
 Boys. Simple as that.
 As I said, the fire brigade.
Gherkin wedding
Gherkin wedding
 And a little Jewish ceremony.
 Love this shot, I climbed the wall to do this!
 Now we’re talking London, right?
 The Routemaster, so iconic!
 Wedding photos ad The Leadenhall market.
 Love this one.
 That’s how they light up the Brick Lane Music Hall, cool!
 Spectacular wedding venue, great for photography.
 How’s that for the first dance? Perfect, works well for the photos.
 Brick Lane Music Hall.
 The party.
 The Jewish wedding dance.
And coming back home on the Routemaster, the perfect day is over, but it will always stay in the wedding photographs.
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