Hello world is what wordpress says. Well, here we are starting a new blog sharing all the fabulous weddings we’ve shot. It’s mid 2015 now. By seeing this you might think that we’re new to business, we’re new to wedding photography, but boy it’s not true. We’ve been in business since 2004, so that’s been 11 fabulous years of a journey. We’ve actually have had a wedding photography blog for the past 5 years with about 250 wedding sessions posted there, but since we’re closing that one down, we will be moving many of those weddings to this blog. Our goal is to move all our fabulous content to a new, contemporary web platform, so that all of the beauty we’ve made over the years is easily accessible for you.

In the following few weeks we will be updating this website with our old posts, to keep it interesting we will also gradually add new content as well, so please bear with us until we do this.

Nevertheless this blog will be filled with beautiful photographs for you to enjoy.
Stay with us.

Meanwhile you are also welcome to view the galleries on our wedding photography portfolio website – you’ll find a selection of photos we have made over the years by shooting weddings in United Kingdom, all other Europe, some of Asia, Americas and Australia.


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