London prewedding photographer

Todays photo shoot features Hiram and Kelvin. A cool couple from Hong Kong who booked me as their London prewedding photographer . So we headed out in East Sussex, UK to see those white cliffs on the southern coast of England. That sure is a beautiful place and a good spot for prewedding photos. Please enjoy the lovely afternoon the guys had chilling on the top of the cliffs and just avoiding that plunge!
All I have to say is they where brave and that’s not a place for people who fear heights. To add more variety in the shoot we decided we needed something more urban, so we headed back to London to enjoy the sunset on the top of the Primrose hill and then enter the city for the night pre wedding photo shoot in London. Check out those engagement photos at the Covent garden, next to the Routemaster doubledecker, Soho, Chinatown and London Eye area. Enjoy the photos and stay around, there’s plenty more to come!
 White cliffs, just outside Eastbourne.
prewedding photoshooting Eastbourn
London prewedding photographer
London prewedding photographer
 Yes, they’re that close to the edge, really brave, bravo!
 It’s only two of them, in the whole world..
 Engagement shoes.
 That red phone box, from the other side!
 Sunset at Primrose Hill.
London prewedding photographer
 View over London!
London prewedding photographer
 Best friends for ever…
 Covent Garden, nice place for night pre wedding photos in London.
 Display lights, all I ever need!
 Check the background and you’ll understand..
 SOHO, London, prewedding, night.
London eye, night, pre wedding photos.
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