Nikon Pro Magazine wedding photographer

Good things happen to those who work hard, and they just keep happening to us. This week I was thrilled to see my work featured in one of the industry leading professional photography magazines – NIKON PRO magazine. To be honest, it’s a great honour for a wedding photographer to be recognised  by a leading camera manufacturer and that makes me so proud!
As this is distributed to professional photographers only you can’t by this magazine in shops, so here’s a short peak –

“…photographer based in London who has shot weddings in more than 22 countries. In order to satisfy customers wedding photographer has to give shape to people’s fantasies.”

“This is my signature look”

That’s it for now, more good stuff to come!

Nikon Pro Magazine wedding photographer
Scan from Nikon Pro magazine, spring 2013

This photograph has been taken in one of my recommended wedding venues in France – Chateau de Challain – see the full wedding in my post: Destination wedding in France

Cover of Nikon Pro magazine, spring 2013, photo by Tim Tadder
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