Penshurst place wedding – kent wedding photographers

Welcome to Penshurst place in Kent, welcome to the wedding of Engi and Jos. The wedding was nothing less than beautiful, Penshurst place is a great place for wedding photography and a host for wedding parties and they certainly did a great work few weeks ago, when this wedding was taking place, every detail was thought through and the day turned out really wonderful. Just go through the photos to live the day through my eyes.
Penshurst place, didn’t fit with my 16mm on full frame!
 Penshurst church, turns out ringing the bells is still manual labour!
spring in Kent
white chariot
 White chariot, beats any Rolls Royce.
Penshurst place wedding
Penshurst place wedding.
Kent wedding photographers
Kent wedding photographers.
penshurst place
The grand hall at Penshurst place
wedding cake
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