Wedding photographer Hong Kong

Welcome to the skyline of Hong Kong! This photo was taken from The Peak – one of the best city views I’ve ever seen. Anyway – why where we there. The usual, wedding photography:) Pre Wedding photography, to be precise! Three of them! We were invited by Winnie and her sister Tiffany to do the pre-wedding shoots for them and we accepted the offer. The actual photoshoots will be published in the next few days, but meanwhile sit back and enjoy Hong Kong through my eyes.
Look from The Peak – Nikon D3s is the perfect camera for nightlife photography, can’t wait to put my hands on the new Nikon D4.
Wedding photographer Hong Kong
In search for bamboos, found them just around that corner.
Strange fruit:)
The Hat place.
The bloke with a sixth sense – he was sleeping, once I aimed at him the eyes popped wide open!
Seating for men only.
The man was singing, very loudly.. but was holding his mouth shut.. maybe doing a video for x-factor 🙂
London must be a deep country, you never see queues out of Chanel shops here.
Same here!
Well, whenever it rains, just have a bag with you! Cheers.
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