Winter wedding photography

Hello everyone! I know, it’s been a while since I blogged, but trust me, I’ve been busy! In January I shot winter weddings in London, Paris, Warsaw and Moscow and a recent one in Oslo, Norway. Add some prewedding photo shoots on top of that and it explains everything! So – a winter wedding in Norway – sounds nice and it is, meet Heidi and Justin at their beautiful snowy wedding in Oslo. It was a cold day (well locals said it wasn’t) and made shooting tricky – one thing that made it tricky was the cold and the other was the sun – when it hits the white snow it makes my life really hard 🙂 Anyway – as always I managed to cope with that – actually I made it look beautiful! See for yourselves, they look fab! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding either in UK, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, or Germany please get in touch. Check my new destination wedding portfolio on
With this wedding I also put another flag on my “I’ve shot a wedding there” globe – Norway made it country number 22.
Winter wedding in Oslo
Norwegians love their national costumes, they look fab.
A tricky light, but a great moment, love this one.
The bride is walking down the aisle, yep, not a minute late.
The look from the top balcony at Ullern Kirke.
winter wedding photography
And we’re up in Holmenkollen, near Oslo.
Stunning light.
I was up there and the old guy punished me with a slightly damaged lens – I slipped,  fell, and landed on my lens.
The cover shot.
Oh yes, she’s Norwegian!
winter wedding photography
Great wedding venue – Solstua
And that’s game over for Justin,  it got too chilly out there.
Following an old Scandinavian tradition the couple was asked to confirm their passion!

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