Overseas Winter Elopement in France

A Perfect Winter Elopement in France

Hello everyone. Well, today is a perfect day to share this winter elopement in France with you. Why perfect you’ll ask? Well, it took place exactly a year ago so I’d like to take this opportunity and congratulate Lucy and Denny on their first wedding anniversary.

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What Exactly is an Elopement?

In the old days, elopement was described as getting married in secrecy, like running away from everyone else just two of you. Today the meaning of elopement has lost its aspects of secrecy, but still retains intimacy and romance.

“An Elopement is an intimate wedding with a small number of guests. Or often just the bride and groom. It usually takes place in a beautiful location anywhere in the world. The ceremony and the wedding day is just about the two of you.”

As a wedding and elopement photographer, I’ve been noticing that elopement is taking over the big traditional wedding as we know it. People more and more are choosing smaller and more intimate weddings. Especially now in the era of Covid-19, when big parties and events are not allowed.

Why people choose overseas elopement over traditional weddings?

  • The positive side of elopement is the affordable price tag.
  • By eloping people gain more freedom to be who they really are and want without stress or anxiety of pleasing others.
  • The feeling of a bigger personal and emotional commitment to each other.
  • Overseas elopement is an exciting journey as such for discovering places that have been long on your bucket list.

How Many Guests is considered an Elopement?

An Elopement is a wedding with between 2 and 20 guests, but usually, it is only 2-10 guests, only the closest friends, and family members. Here’s more info on how to plan an elopement I shared with you about a year ago.

Winter Elopement in Chateau D’Artigny

With that, all being said I want you to present this perfect winter Elopement in Chateau D’Artigny in France I shot last year in January. Meet Lucy and Deny a lovely couple who came all the way from China to get married in a small village near Tours. They chose to elope in Chateau D’Artigny where I’ve been shooting weddings for a while. You can find more information about weddings in chateau D’Artigny here.

Please enjoy the photos below – it’s a shorter than usual story to enjoy, but hey – days are shorter in January. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in France – be sure to contact me for latest quotes. A general service and pricing info can be found in FAQ section of this website. For any questions you might have please enquire here.


Chateau D'Artigny from a birds view

Chateau D'Artingny from drone Mavic Mini
Chateau D’Artingny from drone Mavic Mini
wedding photographer Tours
Wedding photographer Tours
Chateau wedding venue in France
Chateau D’Artigny is a nice wedding venue in France

Chateau wedding venue Chinese wedding in France

wedding invitations french

Chinese groom sitting in a blue suit grooms photos wedding vows french style Jimmy choo wedding shoes

wedding rings photography
Wedding ring photography

wedding dress in France

wedding dress photos pre-wedding in France

Bride in a purple velvet robe

Bride carrying her wedding dress

All shades of pink roses wedding bouquet
All shades of pink roses wedding bouquet
Oval Wedding arch Floral arch Wedding decoration Wedding Ceremony Decor Wedding decor Wedding Backdrop Metal arch
Beautifully decorated wedding arch with white and pink roses in front of Chateau D’Artigny

Wedding Floral decors

bride getting ready photographer bride putting on her wedding dress wedding inspirations for 2022 wedding supplieres in France

Overseas winter elopement in France
Overseas winter elopement in France

spring wedding in France

D'artigny wedding
When he first saw her, it was like everyone else in the world disappeared and for a day, it was just two of you.

An intimate wedding at Chateau D'Artigny small elopement in France

Deny reading his wedding vows to Lucy
Deny reading his wedding vows to Lucy
Exchange of rings
Exchange of rings

wedding inspirations photographer

In the Hallway of the Chateau D'Artigny
In the Hallway of the Chateau D’Artigny

wedding photographer in Tours impressive groom photographer

best wedding photographer

Time for a dress change.

Honestly, I do prefer this bluish-grey dress to the white one. It just works better with the dull colours of January in France.

original wedding ideas Stunning wedding photographs small wedding in France

We took some photographs in the nearby forest
We took some photographs in the nearby forest

An intimate elopement in Forest Overseas winter elopement in France origional wedding dress

Beautiful Lucy in her stunning grey wedding dress
Beautiful Lucy in her stunning grey wedding dress

winter wedding in France

winter wedding dress
A perfect winter wedding dress
Lucia's bluish-gray dress matched the bluish-gray sky perfectly
Lucia’s bluish-gray dress matched the bluish-gray sky perfectly


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