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As a wedding photographer in France I keep this great country in a special place in my heart. I believe it’s one of the best places to be a wedding photographer. Nearly half of the weddings I do, I do in France and I’m happy to share some of my favourite weddings I’ve shot there. If you’re looking for an English speaking wedding photographer in France, please read and see further.

I’d split France in several areas with weddings in Paris having a special gallery.

South of France Weddings

Weddings in French Riviera or Southern France appeal to me greatly. There’s something about the southern light, villas and the blue sea that I love. Amongst my favourite venues that I’ve worked in there are Grand hotel d’Cap Ferrat, Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Hotel Royal Riviera, Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo (Yes, I know it’s in Monaco), Chateau Diter, Domaine de mont Leuze, Place de Lices in St. Tropez, there are many more private villas I’ve worked at, but I can’t name them here.

Chateau weddings in France

The other kind of weddings I shoot in France are the Chateau weddings. There are so many chateaus in all regions and most of them are great for weddings. The one that I shoot the most at is the amazing Chateau de Challain in Loire Valley, other popular Chateaux include Chateau de Esclimont, chateau Chambord, Chateau Tornieres, Chateau de la Couronne, Chateau de la Bretesche and, ofcourse, several private chateaus in the Bordeaux and Dordogne area.

French Alps weddings

And one of the more special locations is the French Alps, I like shooting in there as the sceneries are breathtaking. Also, when you’re up high the air is thinner and that makes the light special. For example Chateau les Avenieres near Chamonix.

Yes, that is lot of locations, but to me France doesn’t end there. There are so many locations to explore so I keep doing that. If you’re looking for a location for your destination wedding, in my opinion France is the first to check out. The selection is vast and that’s why I say that I love being a wedding photographer in France.

5 Reasons to get married in France

Are you thinking of getting married in France? Here are 5 Reasons that will help you decide whether to get married in France or not.

1.Unspoilt French landscape

I’ve been shooting weddings in France for a long time now and I have never been disappointed by finding a quiet and beautiful spot where to photograph couple for example between ceremony and reception. Where ever in France I might be, there is always a piece of land or corner or maybe a beautiful tree which is a perfect backdrop for my wedding portrait photos. There are no fences of threatening signs of trespassing. French people don’t care if we quickly use their sunflower field or vineyard for a couple of shots. And this stress-less atmosphere makes photos so perfect.

2. Perfect french wedding venues

Where else in the world one country is so rich of culture and history than France? There is literally a dreamy fairy-tail chateau on every corner of France. The architecture differs from region to region but every chateau is ridiculously scenic. And the best part is you can rent them at a far more reasonable rate than you’ll find in UK, USA or Australia.

3. French wine and cuisine

The art of french cuisine and the and the unforgettable adventure of french wine tasting can bring you to the highest levels of euphoria. This is the trip worth taking, right? And cheese don’t forget the different type of cheese. The best worlds chefs comes from France I believe. Because it is frankly difficult to have a bad meal there, I haven’t had one yet. Apart from Carrefour salads. Traditional french foods I recommend are quiche, bouillabaisse, French onion soup, ratatouille, escargots, coquilles Saint- Jacques, simply baked Camembert, Soufflé, Tartiflette etc.

4. Unique guest experience

Going to France is an adventure by it self, because you will never get bored there. If you are a guest on a wedding in France you can spend easily a week or two in a guest house or chateau without getting bored. You can always find a winery or beach, or historical site or even learn how to cook french dishes. France gives you a variety of stuff to do. And when you have seen it all you can always go back to Paris.

5. English speaking services

These days in France when no one spoke English are over. There are so many wedding suppliers that speak English. Starting from wedding venue owners and caterers, florists, make up artists and hair stylists and finally wedding photographer and videographers.