Wedding venue in Charente

Wedding venue in Charente – Chateau de la Couronne

Wedding photographer’s input

Chateau de la Couronne is another perfect example of a family-owned chateau in France. Nicky and Mark is a very kind and lovely couple from the United Kingdom. They bought Chateau de la Couronne back in 2002 and recreated it from an educational center to a loving and welcoming wedding venue.


wedding wenue South West France
wedding venue southwest France

Wedding photographer in southwest France

Chateau de la Couronne lies in the Charente department in southwestern France with its nearest biggest city being Angouleme. That’s where the famous filmmaker Wesley Wales Anderson filmed his latest movie, which will be released o October 16, 2020, by Searchlight Pictures. Since I know the region very well, I can’t wait to see it. The region Charente is best known for the production of Cognac since the 18th century when Hennessy arrived from Ireland. It’s a great region to be a wedding photographer in.


French village wedding
French village wedding


The first time I stepped into the chateau I felt that it is a perfect combination of a good taste for design and functionality. The property is surrounded by 5 acres of private grounds. As this french region offers perfect weather during the summertime a swimming pool is a must-have. The Chateau has a decent sized swimming pool that was a great remedy during last summers heatwave wedding! They also have a private cinema and a billiard room. Hey, I want to spend all my holidays there.

Relaxed weddings in France

wedding venue in Charente
wedding venue in Charente


I’ve been working as a wedding photographer in Chateau de la Couronne for the past 6 years now and the one thing I’ve noticed about weddings in Chateau de la Couronne is that none of them are stiff and overly official. Weddings there are relaxed and very natural, a true joy to shoot. Due to the ambiance of the venue brides are usually laid back and there’s only a healthy amount of stress hovering around before wedding ceremonies. For me as a wedding photographer, it’s easier to photograph calm and happy clients. The reason for that must be Nicky and Mark as they give you that feeling of being a part of the family.


garden wedding ceremony France
garden wedding ceremony France


Wedding planning in Chateau de la Couronne is done in-house and everything on a wedding day goes to plan They are experienced wedding planners having more than 12 years of experience. They work with a trusted team of wedding suppliers including me and they’re not overselling the stuff you don’t need. To have a wedding in the chateau is a balance of having a dream wedding in France and not losing a balance in your wallet.

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Photography wise Marthon is a nice and serene french village just outside the grounds of the Chateau. There’s a simple but yet photogenic french architecture with narrow streets and small buildings. There are ruins of Chateau de Marthon of the 13th century on top of the hill. The walk uphill and view from the top gives me an amazing photo environment with views over the rooftops of the town and narrow streets below. ¬†While you’re at it you can take a short drive to fields and vineyards outside the village, they look spectacular in the evening sunlight.

Wedding photographer in France

wedding photographer France English speaking
wedding photographer France

Booking a wedding photographer in southwestern France

If the southwestern region of France has inspired you and you’re looking for a wedding photographer there, be sure to get in touch. Get a quote here.

1. How many guests can the Chateau accommodate?

Chateau can accommodate weddings for up to 12 people for a seated dinner or more if you set up a marquee in the garden. There are rooms for 26 guests in the chateau itself but there are more accommodation possibilities nearby.


Charente wedding photographer
Charente wedding photographer


2. What kind of wedding ceremonies do they provide?

Well, there are at least two possibilities. Indoor wedding ceremony in chateau’s Piano Salon if it’s raining outside. Outdoors in the garden with a beautiful background of the chateau from photographers angle. Oh yes, you can also have the ceremony in the church in the nearby town.

3. How can I get there?

I personally take a train from Paris and get off in Angouleme, if you’re flying in from overseas, flying into Bordeaux or Potiers is a good option, from there you can take either rental cars or ask for the chateau to organize an airport transfer.


4. What’s the average price to book a wedding?

Honestly, I don’t have a clue about exact numbers – be sure to contact Nicky and Mark at Chateau de la Couronne, they’ll tell you everything.

A special note.

Yes, there is a special place in my heart for one piece of furniture in the chateau. There’s the comfiest couch in the Bar room. If you sit down there at say 10 pm, it might trap you for longer than necessary. Just saying I like it.