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Post-Covid-era (or between the covid waves) heart-warming wedding in Hampshire United Kingdom

Kerri and David, like many other couples around the world, had called off their plans and dreams of a big wedding multiple times. Now, like many others, we have to accept the reality and game rules of covid.

post covid wedding in Britain

Post Covid wedding

This was my first wedding this year after the long covid winter and I was packed and ready for it. In fact, I was all packed a year ago, it’s just that most weddings got canceled or postponed and are still waiting to be photographed.

I was recommended to Kerri and David by their friends Lauren and Guy, whose wedding I shot a few years ago at Chateau de la Couronne in France. Thank you guys for recommending me – it was great seeing you again!

The day before the wedding the rain was coming down in sheets creating small lakes rather than puddles, and I thought to myself – oh well, I’ve waited a year for this day and it’s going to be like this. But faith kicked in and the morning of the wedding day was filled with sunshine. Thank you!

So, at the time of the wedding, the covid rules were: 30 people max, masks to be worn indoors, reception outdoors, no dancing and no loud music – all of these rules were obeyed during the day so we worked within the space we had.

The wedding

As I said, the wedding day started with sunshine at the groom’s place – not sure if it was at his friends or an Airbnb, but it was a lovely little house on a hillside outside Winchester. It was proper chaos there, but then again, I didn’t expect anything short of that. Boys were busy polishing their Porsches because that’s what’s important! After the short stop by boys, I went to see girls at their home in Winchester – the house was filled with happy girls, flowers, and the scent of hair spray and perfume – that’s when you know that you’re at a wedding!

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England wedding photographer Bride getting ready, everyone is wearing covid masks

When girls were ready we went off to the church – now this was a special one – The Church of St Cross in Winchester. It’s a part of a medieval almshouse. It has been described as England’s oldest and most perfect almshouse by Wikipedia – maybe it is, I really don’t know, but I liked the church, it was beautiful and cool inside. Given that most of us had to wear masks inside the church, the cooler air was just in time. It felt heartwarming being back at a wedding ceremony after a proper break.

The Hospital of St Cross Church
The Hospital of St Cross Church

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With the ceremony behind us, it was time to party – few cocktails on the grounds of St Cross, did few photos with the couple and we were off to celebrate!simple after covid wedding best wedding Winchester fine art wedding photographer in the UK

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The wedding reception took place in the garden of the Greyhound on the Test. With the marquee set up and all beautifully decorated we were set for a nice party by the beautiful River Test.

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The absent friend – this groomsman was “pinged” by the NHS app that he had been in contact with someone who had covid – so he missed the wedding, bet he for sure was not forgotten.

Winchester wedding venue pink wedding theme florals 2021

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The garden bar – a must-have for every British wedding. Boys loved it, girls loved it and I loved it. Sampled some local ales there.

Winchester outdoor wedding wedding garden bar

The beautiful evening light indulged us, so we went for another short photoshoot on the main street of the village.

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The open fireplace, lots of laughs and speeches, tears of happiness, excellent music (quiet), saxophone by the best man – it all made the party perfect and a day to remember for me – the first wedding after a year of Covid Winter.

It was an amazing day both for the couple and me – thank you guys for having me and congratulations! You’re a family, there’s an addition coming and I’m very happy for you!

Here’s what David had to say after the wedding:

“I can’t put into words how much Janis was an asset to our day. His photos are absolutely stunning and we were so lucky to get him. His photos made me tear up and mean that we will forever have memories of our special day that are perfect.”

That’s it for now – there are few more weddings I’ve shot since then, will share them soon. Meanwhile, I still have open dates for weddings this season – be sure to get in touch if you’re planning one – be it in the UK or in Europe. I’m fully vaccinated and can go wherever you can.

Stay tuned for more weddings and book your wedding photographer here.

Stay safe.




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