norfolk wedding photographers

Norfolk wedding photographer – Voewood House.

Colourful Indie wedding at the heart of Norfolk

Indie wedding is the  Nr 1 wedding trend. But what exactly is Indie wedding? IN THREE WORDS. These are non-traditional, rustic, laid back, vintage, stress free weddings. There are no rules for Indie weddings, but when you see one you definitely will recognise it.

But if you look more closely you can distinguish some common signs of a indie wedding. For example all bridesmaids dressed in colourful floral dresses, bride wearing different style and colour dress than usual bride. Loads of low-key and DIY decorations and like glass jars filled with wild flowers. Wedding venues are mostly barns, industrial sites, somewhere outdoors or just a backyard with home made lemonade and non-traditional wedding cake. It is an anti-wedding wedding, but oh, boy the parties are always the best ones.

But why am I telling you all of that? I want to introduce you to Tess and Jodi at their non-traditional Indie wedding in Norfolk. I couldn’t imagine better example of an Indie wedding like this one.

Norfolk wedding photographer – a summer wedding in Voewood House.
norfolk wedding photographers

Norfolk wedding photographer

Greetings from the beautiful Norfolk. I’m very pleased to share this amazing wedding of Tess and Jodi at the Voewood House. With a distinguished background in photography Tess was very, how do we say, “demanding”. She had a clear idea of what she wanted, which made my job relatively easy. Love the people – they where all chilled and relaxed, it was like a documentary wedding photographers dream – day – bit overcast, groom blowing up his own fireworks, a laid back day for guests and party, busy day for me, as always.
Voewood house with it’s fabulous interiors, grounds and staff have made into my list of preferred wedding venues in Norfolk. Thank you guys for having me, it was a great pleasure.
If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Norfolk, be sure to enquire and book me through the contact page. Look forward to meeting you.

PS: photos will tell the story of the day, so enjoy!

barn wedding venues

bride getting ready voewood house wedding

wedding venues norwich

documentary wedding photographer England

This was a mind blowing turquoise colour bridal gown. I absolutely love everything about this dress.voewood house

wedding photography gallery

To my mind the best photographs are the candid ones. On a wedding day I mix posed with documentary photos. So the posed ones are rarely above 20% of total number of picks.norfolk countryside wedding venue

country house weddings England Norfolk

steinway sons piano norfolk norwich

country house norfolk photography all UK

country house wedding photographer

vinyl record London calling clash

best bridal hairsyles norfolk

flower girls shoes ballet

Pink glittery ballet shoes for the little bridesmaids with costume names inside. Very cute wedding idea.

best documentary weddings photographer

cool shades flowergirls Ray Ban

uk bridal make up for kids

rayban glasses hearts

All the bridesmaids and the bride wore a heart shaped sunglasses. Very stylish! Right?

radio barkas vinyl wedding dj Holland Netherlands

This DJ buss came all the way from party dj norwich

weddings band uk record player

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guys having fun and drinks

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waiting the bride coming down the aisle

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first drink amazing day in Summer

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groom after ceremony looking for smoke

guests greetings photography after ceremony

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bride guests sipping martinis funny

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kids playing in the lawn

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voewood house photography


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