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Hindu wedding West Midlands – wedding photographer Janis Ratnieks

Hindu wedding West Midlands – day two of a two day wedding

Welcome to the day two of the two day Hindu wedding West Midlands. Tanu and Scott, a couple from London had a two day wedding in the heart of Herefordshire, Lemore Manor. Day one was the civil ceremony, please view it here. I was eagerly waiting for the day two as I had great expectations to it. I know Hindu wedding ceremonies are very interesting and colourful, so for me, as a wedding photographer, they are very interesting. And I have to tell that the day exceeded my expectations and I’m very happy for that. Hereby I’m proudly presenting the photos I made on the day. I was trully touched with the ceremony. Yes, it lasted two hours, but to me it felt like thirty minutes.

Hindu wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, I’m always looking for new cultural experience. Although I have already photographed several Hindu Weddings, I think I’m ready to explore more, so, if you’re looking for a good Hindu wedding photographer – please get in touch with me, I’ll be there.

If you are considering going to a Hindu wedding or becoming a Hindu wedding photographer I can share you some tips about Hindu wedding traditions. Just follow the photo story below.

Hindu wedding ceremony
Hindu wedding ceremony.
The Hindu bride’s dress will be red because in Indian culture, red symoolizes the rising sun, prosperity and fertility.
Indian wedding traditions


The wedding altar in Indian cultures is called mandap. It is usually decorated with flowers, greenery, fabrics and crystal. Only the closest family and the ceremony official is invited to join the couple beneath the mandap.

Mehndi ceremony

The Bride’s hands and feet are painted with henna paint during a Mehndi ceremony. This is usually done one day before the marriage. This process can take hours, but the result is stunning. The event attended only by the bride’s close female friends and family.
Indian wedding photographer London
Indian wedding jewellery
Indian wedding jewellery.
indian wedding earrings
Tanu looks gorgeous, last touches, earrings and she’s ready to go.
bridal saree London
She’s wearing an amazing bridal saree, she looks great in it.
wedding decorations
Indian wedding customs groom dances
With a loud bang it all goes off, oh boy what a noise they made. Scott in a traditional Hindu wedding gown leads the way.

Indian wedding in England

Vara yatra

This is the vara yatra or as we call it arrival of the groom. This is considered as a celebration in Itself. I loved the ambiance and the joy in it.

Indian wedding garlands
Hindu wedding West Midlands
Hindu wedding west Midlands – a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. It’s a great time and place to be a wedding photographer.

Floral garlands

Bride and groom, exchange floral garlands. This is the way of saying that they want marry each other Indian wedding ceremony
Hindu wedding venues London
best wedding ceremony
This is the best wedding ceremony ever. It was so different from usual. The Hindu ceremony begins with a prayer to Ganesha.
wedding photographer price London
wedding photographer London

A Homam

There is always a fire in the centre of the mandap. The fire is kept as a witness. If a bride has a brother he gives three fistfuls of rice to the bride as to wish his sister a happy marriage. This has a special name – a homam.
Hindu wedding Londonindian wedding photographer London
Elephant has a great symbolistic meaning in Hindu culture.Ganesha is elephant Hindu God of beginnings. It removes any obstacles bringing luck to any important event.
indian wedding photographer West Midlands
Hindu wedding photographer UK
Hindu wedding photographer UK
saree London
This ceremony was very emotional to newlyweds and me.
real Indian wedding


The newlyweds during marriage ceremony showers each other with rice, that is a ritual of happiness.  The meaning of this tradition is fertility, prosperity and happiness.


This tradition involves covering part of bride’s hair with a red-orange powder that symbolises that the woman is married. Not single anymore.

Sikh wedding photographer London
Approaching the end of the ceremony. As I’ve said before – I’ve never experience anything like that. Simply beautiful.
BW photos
guests wearing Saree
hindu wedding kids
Love the smile, my daughter will soon have a smile just like that.
wedding hat
lawn chess set
hindi wedding photographer
Lemore manor wedding venue
Lemore manor wedding venue.

Lemore manor wedding

This wedding venue is 17th century manor house located in Eardisley village in West Midlands. It was built in 1640 as a hunting lodge for Bishop of Hereford. It can host about 38 guests.

giant chess set
Giant chess set.
Lawn games.
Lawn games.
David Beckham reborn
documentary wedding photographer
Documentary wedding photographer.
Indian wedding venues
lemore manor wedding venue
lemore manor wedding venue Hereford
wedding cakes West Midlandslawn games for kids
drinks reception
Happy Tanu! Congtas you guys! have a great life together.
big kids
Hindu dance traditions
traditional Hindu dance
Traditional Hindu dance.
Marquee wedding
Hindu wedding venue west Midlands Herefordshire
That’s it. I spent two great days with you guys. It was my pleasure being your wedding photographer, will never forget these days.


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