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London Wedding Photographer – Asylum Chapel and MC Motors

A Wedding in London at Asylum Chapel and MC Motors by London Wedding Photographer Janis Ratnieks

Welcome to our London Wedding blog post! We are thrilled to share the enchanting journey of Helen and Arion as they exchanged vows at the charming Asylum Chapel and celebrated their reception at the elegant MC Motors. As an expert wedding photographer, I skillfully captured every treasured moment, immortalizing memories that will forever warm their hearts. Join us on this unforgettable day filled with love, laughter, and the perfect blend of traditional and modern venues. It was a fabulous day in East London – getting ready at The Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green. Love their interior and having a “Hotel Dog” felt special, just like at Four Seasons Hamshire. Another first for me was the ceremony at the Asylum Chapel in Peckham – a very atmospheric venue with great light, and lots of space. A truly great place to be a wedding photographer in London. I highly recommend Asylum Chapel for wedding ceremonies.

After that, we headed to Dalston for a wedding reception at MC Motors. The place is amazing, check out the photos below.

wedding photographer London bridal photo shoot

It was very hard to choose a cover photo as there are so many to choose from. This one describes the couple and the wedding the best – you see they love each other, you see that they care. That counts.

The Town Hall Hotel – A Hidden Gem with Intriguing Interiors and a Delightful Ambiance

east london wedding

Step into The Town Hall Hotel, and you’ll be transported to a world of timeless elegance and captivating charm. While the interiors may lean toward a more intimate ambiance, it’s precisely this allure that adds a touch of mystery and uniqueness to every photograph captured within its walls. As a photographer, I found myself enthralled by the beauty that lies in its subtle dimness, allowing me to play with light and shadow, creating artistic compositions that are as captivating as they are evocative.

The design of The Town Hall Hotel is a testament to architectural brilliance, where old-world sophistication blends harmoniously with contemporary touches. Every corner tells a story, with intricate details adorning the ceilings, walls, and furniture. The fusion of classic and modern aesthetics provides the perfect backdrop for capturing images that encapsulate the essence of timelessness, ensuring that each photograph stands as a work of art on its own.

One of the hotel’s most endearing features is undoubtedly its resident hotel dog, a fluffy bundle of joy that adds a heartwarming touch to any photo session. With its friendly nature and photogenic appeal, this adorable companion has become a beloved figure, bringing smiles to the faces of everyone who crosses paths with it.

For photographers seeking a haven for their clients to prepare and get ready for their momentous occasions, The Town Hall Hotel is an ideal choice. The hotel’s interiors not only offer a sense of tranquility and privacy but also serve as an inspiration for pre-ceremony photoshoots. Whether it’s capturing the bride’s last moments of anticipation or the groom’s reflection before meeting his beloved at the altar, the setting sets the stage for emotional and breathtaking photographs.

As the sunlight dances through the windows, casting gentle rays of illumination, the spaces within The Town Hall Hotel transform into ethereal sanctuaries for photography. The interplay of light and shadow accentuates the emotions and moods, painting a captivating narrative with every click of the camera shutter.

From the grandeur of its reception halls to the coziness of its charming suites, The Town Hall Hotel provides endless possibilities for artistic expression. Photographers are granted the freedom to explore their creativity and showcase the uniqueness of each couple against this alluring backdrop.

Town Hall hotel East London bride getting ready wedding shoes art deco wedding venue

I always try to work with available light, this is a good example of how well it works out.

dog in the hotel

That dog I told you about. feels like home, please let it stay.

Bethnal Green town hall hotel bridal shoot east London

Old Rover as a wedding car

rover wedding car tuned

An old Rover with a HEMI engine. Not the easiest ride for London was overheating 🙂 but we got to the end, no problem! Love the styling, love the looks.

tuned rover hemi wedding photographer London

A beautifully caught moment. I love doing documentary wedding photography. Moments like this catch my eye.


Wedding ceremony at Asylum Chapel in Peckham, London

Unveiling the Magnificent Asylum Chapel: The wedding day continued at the captivating Asylum Chapel, an awe-inspiring 19th-century gem with stunning architecture and an ethereal ambiance. The couple’s love radiated in the sacred surroundings, creating a breathtaking sight to behold. The Asylum Chapel’s rich history and architectural beauty added a unique touch to the couple’s nuptials.

Asylum Chapel, with its stunning architecture and majestic allure, stood as a testament to the craftsmanship of a bygone era. Every inch of the chapel exuded a sense of grandeur, its soaring ceilings adorned with intricate details, and its stained-glass windows casting mesmerizing hues that danced upon the walls. It was a place where history and romance intersected, and the air was imbued with an almost palpable sense of reverence.

As the couple exchanged vows before the altar, their love radiated like a beacon of light, illuminating the sacred surroundings with warmth and tenderness. The soft glow of candlelight enhanced the intimate atmosphere, creating an otherworldly setting that held everyone present in rapt awe. The hallowed halls of Asylum Chapel bore witness to this beautiful union as if embracing the couple in a loving embrace that transcended time itself.

What made this union even more extraordinary was the unique touch of history that the Asylum Chapel bestowed upon the couple’s nuptials. With a rich heritage dating back centuries, the chapel’s walls whispered tales of countless love stories that had unfolded within its confines. Each step taken, each vow spoken, was part of a timeless tapestry woven by love’s eternal thread.

Throughout the ceremony, the couple and their guests couldn’t help but be captivated by the chapel’s architectural beauty. Every detail seemed to hold a story of its own, and the romantic ambiance was complemented by the harmonious blend of light and shadows that played across the sacred space. It was a sensory feast for the eyes and the soul.

As the heartfelt ceremony concluded, Helen and Arion emerged hand in hand, now bound by the bonds of matrimony, and bathed in the glow of newlywed bliss. The Asylum Chapel, having played an integral part in their journey, stood as a symbol of the enduring love that would carry them forward into the uncharted chapters of their lives.

In the end, the Asylum Chapel proved to be more than just a venue; it was a time-honored sanctuary that embraced love in all its forms. Its walls had seen joy and tears, laughter and solace, and now, it had witnessed the birth of a new love story that would eternally be intertwined with its own. The chapel’s legacy of love and beauty would live on, just as Sarah and John’s love would continue to blossom and flourish, guided by the echoes of countless love stories that had come before them.

spring wedding London

A Spring wedding at Asylum Chapel in Peckham

spring wedding

The gardens at Asylum Chapel are nothing short of amazing. This wedding took place in April, everything was blooming and it was sunny. Perfect timing for wedding photos.

peckham wedding asylum chapel wedding

Asylum Chapel hosts up to 120 seated guests for the wedding ceremony. After shooting my first wedding there, I highly recommend it as a wedding photographer in London.

order of service peckham asylum wedding design

Some beautiful details there. Not sure if they were provided by the planner or the venue, but these cans fit the atmosphere perfectly.

asylum wedding in london

Love how the light comes down from the top right in an angle.

wedding ceremony flower girls

alternative wedding venues

The beautifully backlit entrance of the bride. Helen looks stunning being walked down the aisle by her father.

unusual wedding ceremonies

Now, who’s the blurred man in front of Arion and Helen? Yes, he’s the best man Chris and I shot his wedding at Littlefield manor in Surrey few years ago.

London wedding photographer chapel wedding ceremony asylum wedding photographer London

Love the stack of candles. They add to the vibe of the wedding ceremony.

ring shots wedding ceremony bw

I do prefer color photos for your wedding but it’s quite often I’ll add a few black and white photos to the final collection.

flower girls

Baby’s-breath, beautiful floral crowns for flower girls.

wedding venue asylum chapel

See the space of the Asylum Chapel, beautiful light, and amazing stained glass windows, love the atmospheric look of it.


There’s nothing like a cool PIMMS after the wedding ceremony. Oh yes, I sampled a few as well.

pimms aperitif at wedding dried flowers confetti

Proper confetti after the wedding ceremony


Now, this is proper confetti – rich in color and just lots of them. If you ask a wedding photographer, this how confetti should be done.

confetti dried flowers

Another example of pure joy and happiness at a wedding. Love this photograph. A great day to be a wedding photographer.

spring wedding in London checking ring details asylum photo shoot

We headed inside the Asylum Chapel for a short photoshoot.

stunning bride artistic wedding photographer sakura blossoms wedding

The beautiful gardens of outdoors.

peckham wedding photographer crossing tower bridge wedding

Crossing the Tower Bridge going for our next venue located in Dalston – MC Motors.

red rover reflection

A Grand Reception at MC Motors


Stepping into the doors of MC Motors, the newlyweds and their guests were transported into a world where history met contemporary allure, and industrial charm mingled with sophistication. Located in the heart of vibrant London, this converted warehouse proved to be a hidden gem that lent an air of exclusivity to the couple’s grand reception.

The first glimpse of MC Motors left everyone awe-inspired. Its towering brick walls, once echoing with the sounds of industry, now stood as a testament to the power of transformation. The industrial chic design seamlessly blended the venue’s raw, rugged elements with refined elegance, resulting in a space that was at once edgy and inviting. Exposed beams soared across the ceiling, and the patina of time adorned the walls, adding character and depth to every corner.

As guests explored the venue, they were met with carefully curated details that spoke volumes about the couple’s love story. Delicate fairy lights twinkled like stars in the night sky, casting a warm and enchanting glow upon the space. Thoughtfully placed blooms and greenery added a touch of natural beauty, softening the industrial edges and infusing the atmosphere with an abundance of romance.

The couple’s personalized touches were scattered throughout the venue, from charming photo displays of their journey together to bespoke signs and handcrafted centerpieces. Every element spoke of their unique love, leaving an indelible mark on the ambiance of the reception.

As the evening progressed, the air filled with laughter and joy as guests mingled and celebrated in this extraordinary setting. The spacious layout of MC Motors allowed for seamless transitions between various activities, from heartfelt speeches to energetic dancing, ensuring that every moment was experienced to the fullest.

A highlight of the evening was the delectable culinary offerings that tantalized taste buds and delighted the senses. The carefully curated menu catered to a myriad of palates, with dishes that were not only delicious but also beautifully presented. From elegant canapés to exquisite main courses and delectable desserts, the culinary experience at MC Motors was nothing short of exceptional.

The pièce de rĂ©sistance of the reception was the couple’s first dance, illuminated by a mesmerizing display of twinkling lights and surrounded by the love and applause of their cherished friends and family. The industrial setting seemed to melt away, leaving only the couple in a world of their own, swaying to the rhythm of their hearts’ desires.

As the night drew to a close, the echoes of laughter and heartfelt conversations lingered in the air. MC Motors had been the perfect canvas for an extraordinary celebration of love and unity. It had transformed into a place where memories were etched, and bonds were strengthened, leaving an everlasting imprint on the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to be part of this magical occasion.

mc motors

Outside MC Motors – the wedding venue in London.

mc motors wedding mc motors wedding venue

The Grand Arrival at MC Motors – imagine that sound of the HEMI engine indoors (yeah, I’m sort of a petrol head), add the cheers and you’ll feel what I felt in the moment.

wedding cake east london

Wedding cake in London.

wedding photographer London

My cover photo of the day. Wedding photographer in London.

fine art wedding wedding fashion photographer

The perfect environment for some posed photos – sidelight, furniture, old wallpaper and the perfect couple.

mens suit fashion wedding photographer cool shoes alternative official wedding photos

A bit different approach to group photos. It was a bit challenging at first with the amount of light and depth of field. But managed to pull this through with my Nikkor 35mm f1.4 G. Actually this is my favorite lens – the perspective is very close to what we humans see. And it draws beautifully. Not as clinical as Sigma Art lenses, just more pleasing. My opinion.

kids and iphone

The Role of a Skilled Wedding Photographer

As a skilled wedding photographer, I embrace my role as a visual storyteller, capturing the essence of love and celebration through the lens of my camera. Each wedding I am honored to be a part of is an opportunity to create a masterpiece, a collection of images that will stand as timeless memories for the couple and their families.

Throughout the festivities, I navigate the wedding with a keen eye, always alert to the genuine moments and emotions that unfold spontaneously. I understand the importance of blending into the background, allowing the couple and their guests to bask in the magic of the day without feeling intrusive. My goal is to be a silent observer, yet a witness to the most intimate and cherished moments of their lives.

The portraits I create are not merely snapshots but visual reflections of the couple’s unique love story. I seek to capture their personalities, the sparks that fly between them, and the connection that makes their love so special. With every click of the shutter, I strive to create images that will leave the couple in awe, knowing that they have chosen the right person to preserve their precious memories.

Communication is at the heart of my work. Before the big day, I take the time to understand the couple’s vision, their preferences, and what matters most to them. This enables me to tailor my approach to their unique style and desires, ensuring that the final collection of images truly reflects their essence.

During the wedding day, I skillfully guide the couple during the portrait sessions, providing gentle direction while encouraging them to be themselves. I create a comfortable and relaxed environment, allowing their love to shine through organically. The result is a series of images that evoke genuine emotions, capturing the very soul of their relationship.

In post-production, I invest time and care in editing each photograph, bringing out the best in every image while preserving its authenticity. My goal is not to create perfection but to enhance the beauty that already exists, ensuring that the couple’s memories are presented in the most flattering and emotionally resonant way possible.

Seeing the couple’s reaction when they receive their wedding album is an incredibly rewarding moment. It’s heartwarming to witness the joy, tears, and laughter as they relive the precious moments of their special day. Knowing that my photographs will be treasured and shared for generations to come fills me with immense pride and a sense of purpose in my craft.

As a skilled wedding photographer, I consider it an honor to be entrusted with capturing such profound and intimate moments. My passion for storytelling through images drives me to continuously refine my skills and push the boundaries of creativity. Each wedding is a new opportunity to craft a masterpiece, leaving an indelible mark on the couple’s journey of love and creating a legacy of cherished memories that will endure for a lifetime.


wedding design east London

While everyone was having drinks, the dinner area was set up.

mc motors interiors cheering

Guests cheering.

dolls rustic wedding venue east London

It’s like no one is there, but then again the place is full, two stories in one photograph.

wedding breakfast wedding reception in MC Motors

There must be hundreds of stories to tell. That’s what I like about speeches, you can get to know your clients closer.

second shooter

A Fuji Instax man. I love having those and Polaroids at a wedding – usually, I take one or two photos for myself.

speeches dinner father daughter hug

This is always an emotional moment for me. I have a daughter as well and I’ll have to give her away one day.

speeches wedding reception mc motors wedding games during dinner

Some shoe games, so that we know where we are.


That kiss everyone was waiting for.

cake cutting

Cutting the wedding cake.

cool wedding bar

MC Motors wedding bar in Dalston.

mc motors wedding venue east london wedding party dancing

It’s time for the party. Love how the dance floor is lit up, shapes and colors.

amusements disco dancing dance craze iphone addict cool groom

Hora Loca is the latest trend in wedding parties.

hearts wedding party hora loca

Love how the Nikon D4 handles in parties. This must be one of my last weddings taken with Nikon D4 camera. A great tool to remember.

neon lights at party

I enjoy taking photographs of happy people. This is what weddings are all about!

crazy party day over

Thank you guys for the day. It was my absolute pleasure to be your wedding photographer. Lots of moments to capture, and lots of emotions to catch. Interesting people to observe, an amazing wedding to take part in.

London Wedding Photographer

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