Villa Durazzo wedding in Portofino – Hotel Splendido wedding by Janis Ratnieks.

Villa Durazzo wedding in Portofino.

Hello there! Happy 2015th! Yes, it’s mid January right now, but hey, who works in the first two weeks of Jan? I’d like to share this super cool Villa Durazzo wedding I did last year. Weddings like these are like a fresh breath of southern air – hmm felt that salty air, memories are so vivid! Anyway – Villa Durazzo wedding in Portofino, starring Oksana and Leo from London. Yes, Portofino and Italy in general is a great location for destination weddings, and Yes, I’ma destination wedding photographer. Although not as popular as France, Italy is number two on my destination wedding photography list – I’m there very, very often. This was my fourth wedding in Portofino – I never get tired of going there, it’s that nice.
I started out with Leo and the guys getting ready ion a private villa in the Portofino Marian, then I got up to Oksana at Hotel Splendido, followed by a Catholic wedding ceremony at Chiesa Di San Giacomo Di Corte. A short photoshoot later we went to the Villa Durazzo, our main wedding venue in the area. I always wish I had more time with clients for photos, and this indeed was the case. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very good and quick at what I do, but when the environment is this nice, I just want to shoot more and more. I love being a destination wedding photographer.
Thank you Sposiamovi for the perfect job you did on the day, the wedding was well organised.
Enough talking – let’s get to the photos.
Updated on 12th March 2018: Most of the photographs have been removed as required by the client.  It’s been 4 years since the wedding, but clients are still my top priority.
Portofino Mariona wedding
A Tiny sail boat in Portofino Marina.
Hotel Splendido wedding
The view from Hotel Splendido, my third time, it always looks different, always classy.
wedding shoes
Hope these shoes are made for walking, as we’re going for photos.
Hote Splendido wedding venue
Final look from the balcony, getting married in 20 minutes.
Chiesa Di San Giacomo Di Corte matrimoni
This church is simply astonishing. Chiesa Di San Giacomo Di Corte
Bella Mare Italia
Bella Mare! was the first thing I was told about Italy by locals, That was in Sicily 15 years ago.
Villa Durazzo wedding venue Italy
The vie from the balcony of Villa Durazzo wedding venue.
games with light
Italian wedding cake
Found this on the top of the cake! Guess who likes shopping?


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