Venice wedding photographer

Pre-wedding photoshoot in Venice, Burano and Dolomites, Italy

Pre-wedding photoshoot in Venice

Hello everyone – greetings from Italy! Last week was huge, did a two-day pre-wedding photoshoot in Venice, Burano, and the Dolomites for a nice Indonesian couple. Meet Lina and Raycent as they stroll through the ancient streets of Venice, take a boat to Burano, and climb the Dolomite mountains to get the taste of snow! Well not exactly – the main purpose was to do the pre-wedding photography and get to know Italy better.

I must say, I was very impressed by Venice, the city is so charming that I would love to live there. And of course – the food was delicious!

Venice: a romantic place for a pre-wedding photoshoot

We started the prewedding photoshoot with a boat tour from San Marco square. The weather was amazing and we were so lucky to see the city from this perspective!

The prewedding photo shoot was supposed to be “a walk through Venice”, but Lina and Raycent are adventurous people, they did not want to stay in one place and kept on thinking of new ideas. So we walked around different streets and corners of Venice – I must say it is really huge! We have been walking for hours but it was still not enough! It is definitely impossible to see everything in one day, you need to stay longer than just a weekend, so you can get to know Venice better and enjoy the view from different angles.

Venice is definitely worth visiting!

Best photoshoot locations in Venice

Venice is a beautiful city, and it’s easy to find good spots for a prewedding photoshoot. These are the ones that we liked the most:

  1. Ponte Dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs): this bridge connects the Doge’s Palace with the prison and it is one of the most romantic places in Venice! It’s especially magical at sunset!
  2. Campo Santo Stefano: this is one of the oldest squares in Venice and I think it is the most beautiful one! The atmosphere there was so calm and relaxed that we stayed there much longer than I had planned!
  3.  San Giorgio Maggiore island: this island has an amazing view of Venice, you can see San Marco Square and some other islands as well. This place is indeed beautiful, but it is not easy to get to: you need to take a boat and I don’t recommend doing this with your wedding dress on!
  4. Rialto Bridge: this bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in Venice, and it is definitely worth seeing! It’s also quite crowded, so if you want to get the best pictures, visit this place early in the morning or just before sunset.
  5. Santi Giovanni e Paolo church: this is one of the most beautiful churches in Venice and it’s located on the Grand Canal! The architecture of this church is amazing and so are the views from there. It’s not very popular with tourists, so you can take great photos here without any crowds! 
  6. Giardini Della Biennale: these gardens are located in the Arsenale area, just behind the Biennale exhibition center. It’s a very popular place for locals and tourists, but still not crowded! I love the atmosphere here and if you visit Venice in summer, you can get amazing photos in the evening sun.
  7. Piazza San Marco: This is probably THE most famous square in Venice and it’s also one of my favorites! It’s very crowded with tourists but there are some places that are less visited by people and they’re perfect for wedding photos! You can also go to Campanile di San Marco bell tower, from where you will get a beautiful view of Venice.
  8. San Giorgio Maggiore: this is a beautiful island located in the middle of the lagoon. You can get there by boat (it takes about 15 minutes from Piazza San Marco), or by walking over the bridge. It’s one of my favorite places in Venice and I love it because there are no tourists, only locals! You can walk around the island, relax and take beautiful photos here.
  9. Fondaco Dei Tedeschi: this place is great for taking wedding photos because it’s very photogenic and you can get here to some different locations. It’s a very old building that was used to store goods from Germany during the Renaissance period, so it has a lot of history! Nowadays, it’s a luxury hotel full of shops where you can buy Venetian masks, glass, shoes, and more. It’s also very popular among tourists because you can see the Rialto bridge from here.
  10. Santa Maria del Giglio: this church is located in the Dorsoduro district and it’s one of my favorites in Venice! The building is beautiful and it has a lot of details inside, like frescoes, mosaics, and paintings. It’s very photogenic because there are a lot of mirrors inside the church! When I was taking photos there I felt like I was in a fairytale! You can also get a beautiful view of the Canal Grande from here.

Burano: prewedding photo shooting

Burano is a paradise for photographers and painters, so I’m really looking forward to shooting there again. The village still has about 2,000 full-time residents, and Burano’s main industry is tourism, with day-trippers from Venice coming to buy lace and take pictures of the colorful and picturesque canals. The small town is calmer and more laid-back than the big city, and although it can feel crowded during a busy summer day, it is nowhere near as popular as Venice. Burano offers you the chance to experience the canals and the picturesque buildings in a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Dolomites: prewedding photo session

Lake Misurina: this lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, located in the heart of the Dolomites. It’s surrounded by mountains and it’s very romantic because it looks like a fairy tale! If you want to take pictures there, make sure that you are there at sunrise or sunset because during these hours the light is just perfect! It’s also very popular among tourists so it can be quite crowded during summer.

There are many things to see around Lake Misurina: for example, if you go on the east side of the lake there is a small town called San Martino di Castrozza where you can take photos at Villa Romana del Casale. It’s an old Roman villa with mosaics that dates back to the 3rd century AD. I really liked taking photos there!

One thing is for sure, they will for sure know how to order desserts at tourist cafes and buy CDs from restaurant musicians! Thank you Lina and Raycent for choosing me as your pre-wedding photographer, it was my pleasure. OK then – check the photos, comments are welcome, and stay tuned for updates, fantastic stuff coming soon!



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