travelling to europe pre wedding winter

Winter Pre Wedding Photo Shoot in Dolomites with Expert Pre-wedding Photographer

travelling to europe pre wedding winter

Welcome to Italy! Yes, I have a wonderful winter pre-wedding photoshoot in Dolomites to share with you. Meet Kenneth and Fangs – a couple from Singapore, yes, they wanted their pre-wedding photoshoot to be a bit out of the ordinary, so they chose December and Mountains as their pre-wedding photoshoot theme. Scroll down to see more photos of the day and I’ll try to give some comments so you know what’s happening.

Adventure Wedding and Pre Wedding Photoshoots

I’ve had this idea for a while – I like exploring and I love doing this through photography. This photoshoot is a part of my adventure weddings and adventure prewedding series. If you’re into something out of comfort – if you’d like to have a wedding in a remote area  – be it hot or cold, water or desert – or if you’re feeling adventurous for your pre-wedding photoshoot – give me a shout. Since this is what I want to do more and more, I have a special offer for you! WhatsApp me at  +447979974527


travelling to Bolzano


Prewedding in the Dolomites – getting there

The original plan was a bit different though – they wanted to do their pre-wedding photoshoot in Hallstatt, Austria, but since Oberosterreich was closed for quarantine, I proposed to do the photo shoot in the Dolomites instead. So that’s what we did.

We met in Milano airport – they had arrived from Amsterdam – me from London. Rented a car and headed towards Bolzano. That’s about 2-3 hrs drive. The car rental gave us a car with summer tires – we knew we were heading towards mountains and were expecting snow, but the rental place was having none of that 🙂 so off we went! Settled down in Bolzano and got ready for the photoshoot the next day.

approaching Bolzano

Winter Prewedding Photoshoot Dolomites

The following morning we drove up the Funes Valley, about 1 hr out of Bolzano. We were very lucky with the weather – with the sun shining into the valley, it was actually quite warm, so there were no issues with cold weather and the bride being in her wedding dress. Love that morning sunlight, when the sun is low it shapes the light. You can see the air is crisp, which is why I prefer the afternoon light, but hey – you can’t be picky, this was perfect!

winter wedding photographer winter wedding dolomitis winter wedding bride in sow winter wedding flowers singaporean couple Dolomiti small church bride in sneakers


You’ll be seeing them running and jumping a lot – since that was part of the brief – light, airy, motion, dynamic. And we love sneakers!


wedding in dolomitis wedding photographer Tirol pre wedding photoshoot italy pre wedding italy Italian prewedding photographer tirol wedding snow wedding

Yes, the sun was super strong – add some snow and you just can’t help with squinting all the time, so yes, we put on the shades. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use ones as it’s difficult to correctly asses lighting condition/exposure with sunglasses on. Just one of many challenges of being a wedding photographer in winter.

snow engagement wedding in snow

wedding photographer winter winter wedding photos mountain wedding mountain weddings mountain wedding Italy mountain wedding alps alpine wedding ski resort wedding alpine style winter wedding wedding sneakers cool Singaporean couple

beautiful Dolomitis scenery wedding dress in snow

Yep – matching sneakers.

hallstatt prewedding

Love seeing the energy between them – so nice and positive – it makes being a wedding photographer easy.

bolzano prewedding traveling to italy winter wedding best photographer Bolzano

St Magdalena church.

italian prewedding diaries

Love this view over the valley – I hear this place is beautiful in all seasons – it’s quite a popular destination for landscape photographers in autumn when leaves change colors – I wish to come back here in early to mid-October as well, must be beautiful then. Just one of the ideas for your next adventure pre-wedding photoshoot.

Dolomitis wedding venues winter weddings winter wedding Europe

destination wedding winter winter destination wedding travelling to europe pre wedding winter winter prewedding photoshooting price where to go for winter prewedding how to stay warm in winter prewedding how to stay happy too cool to cool groom posing in his winter attire singapore groom

best wedding photographer Italy

Looking back at the view, memorizing it, waiting for photographs 🙂

Winter Engagement photoshoot Lago di Braies

It took us roughly two hours to drive further up into the mountains for the winter engagement photoshoot in Lago di Braies. Located 1500m above sea level Lago di Braies was a different story. Much colder and overcast. Thank you, guys, for being “good sports” and still enjoying the winter engagement photoshoot.

The boat house in Lago di Braies is quite famous – as it’s the title photo of one of Adobe Lightrooms – so if you are a photographer, you’ll see something familiar. We were able to walk on the ice, as it was about 15cm thick and can handle people easily – so no danger there. The sign in front of the hotel says “No Picnic”.. then again, we had none planned. We were hear for winter engagement photos. Scroll down for the set and more info on shooting in the cold.

engagement photos winter lago di braies winter engagement lago di braies winter photographer lago di braies photographer

Wedding Photography in Winter

Wedding photography in winter – what’s it like? Well, in short – it’s cold. No magic here so here is how we do it. The bride and groom usually have some heat packs with them. You can buy them in tourist shops, it’s a pad/packs that you break in half and a chemical reaction starts inside and the pad releases heat. Put a few in pockets, behind the dress and unless it’s windy, you’ll be all right. Have a warm jacket or coat nearby and you’re covered.

For photographers shooting in winter is a bit challenging. First – you also have to wear something warm, as being a photographer requires patience and itš quite often you have to wait a lot for clients to get ready. So be sure to wear something warm, warmer than expected. A special note here on gloves – I have special photographer winter gloves, where you can open up your fingertips and use the buttons of your camera nearly in an abnormal manner – depends on the camera then.

The other thing is the photographic equipment. I shoot with Nikon SLRs – the D850 and D5 – both are winter-proof and tested in -25C, so it was not a problem here. The upside of shooting with pro SLRs is that they have large batteries, so you can easily shoot a full day with one set. They’re also weather sealed, so for example, when you get in a warm cafe or car, the equipment fogs and the mist doesn’t get into the cameras, so it doesn’t spoil it. Also, the buttons are large and all functions are accessed through buttons, without the use of touchscreens, so yes, with pro camera bodies, you can continue shooting also in weather like we had here.

couple photos in winter cold cold photos snowy wedding photos happy singapore couple in winter winter engagement photos on ice engagement photos on ice

ice cold engagement photoshoot best winter wedding photographer best winter photographer top winter wedding photographers where to do winter pre wedding photos

Love seeing them happy!

frozen lake wedding photos loving couple in winter

polar explorers wandering on ice winter wedding in cold winter wonderland wedding photos winter wonderland wedding posing winter wedding tirol tirol wedding photogrtapher snowball fight with photographer

Singaporeans in snow! Yes, they enjoyed it that much!

Brenero wedding photographer wedding photos wedding photos in winter wedding photography in cold conditions wedding photographer wedding photographer worldwide again sneakers travelling wedding photographer meet the wedding photographer

Ha, here you can see me in one of the photos. Thanks to a kind tourist, I have a memory from this pre-wedding photo shoot.

winter wedding mulled wine drinking mulled wine my new fvourite drink she said

“This is my new favorite drink,” she said – mulled wine, right on time when everyone was cold after this shooting set.

walking of the lake last shot on the lake

Christmas Market Prewedding Photoshoot

As it’s winter, the sun set quite early giving us time for another set of photos in a Christmas market in Bolzano.

After arriving in Bolzano, we changed our sneakers and went into the town. Bolzano at night was quite nice. We did the photo shoot after the dinner, so yes, I have to admit it was a bit too late and the market was mostly closed. But still – we wandered around the old town looking for nice spots to take photos at – and we found them indeed.

If you’d like to book a Christmas Market photoshoot – there’s still time. I’m off to Budapest later this week – will have a nice set of photos there, and will share them with you for sure.


Bolzano christmas market engagement sneakers in Bolzano narrow back alleys Bolzano couples shoot in Bolzano bolzano photo shoot bolzano night photo shoot Italy Italy night prewedding kissing under the star

christmas tree pre wedding christmas prewedding christmas market prewedding christmas engagement session christmas spirit engagement photography last shots in the dark Bozen hochzeit christma market wedding christmas market pre wedding shoot photoshooting shristmas market prewedding photoshooting Italy


Thank you guys for having me as your photographer. It was a wonderful experience and we carved a new route for my adventure wedding series. Stay tuned for more photoshoots – I’m aiming to update my blog more frequently as there’s so much to share. Real people, real weddings, real pre-wedding photoshoots!

Book me through WhattsApp at +447979974527 or through a contact form.

ps. The following morning I took the train to Vienna. 7hrs.

FAQ related to winter pre-wedding photoshoots in the Dolomites

FAQ 1: Are winter pre-wedding photoshoots in the Dolomites popular?

Answer: Yes, winter pre-wedding photoshoots in the Dolomites are gaining popularity among couples seeking breathtaking and unique backdrops for their special moments. The snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, and picturesque landscapes provide a magical setting for romantic photographs.

FAQ 2: What is the best time of year for a winter pre-wedding photoshoot in the Dolomites?

Answer: The best time for a winter pre-wedding photoshoot in the Dolomites is typically from December to February when the region is covered in snow. This period ensures the most enchanting winter scenery and the snow-capped mountains create a dreamy atmosphere for the shoot.

FAQ 3: How should we prepare for a winter pre-wedding photoshoot in the Dolomites?

Answer: Preparing for a winter photoshoot in the Dolomites requires careful planning. Make sure to dress warmly in layers, including thermal clothing, insulated jackets, and waterproof boots. Consider bringing accessories like scarves, hats, and gloves to stay comfortable during the shoot. Additionally, consult with the photographer to discuss the logistics, timing, and potential shooting locations.

FAQ 4: Are the Dolomites accessible during winter for photoshoots?

Answer: Yes, the Dolomites are accessible during the winter, but certain areas may have restricted access due to heavy snowfall or hazardous conditions. It’s essential to check weather forecasts and road conditions before planning the photoshoot. Hiring a local photographer with knowledge of the region can be beneficial in navigating these challenges.

FAQ 5: Can we include props or special themes in our winter pre-wedding photoshoot?

Answer: Absolutely! Including props and special themes in your winter, pre-wedding photoshoot can add a personal touch to the pictures and make them even more memorable. Some popular ideas include using snowboards, sleds, or warm blankets to enhance the winter theme. Discuss your preferences and ideas with the photographer to ensure a cohesive and meaningful photoshoot.

Dolomites wedding photographer in Italy

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