Planning the Perfect Wedding in Italy: The Ultimate Guide from a wedding photographer’s perspective


Planning a wedding in Italy can be stressful and overwhelming for any couple. But when you’re planning a destination wedding, the stakes are even higher.

Positano wedding photographer

Italy is one of the most romantic and beautiful places in the world – but it’s also very different from where many of us are used to living. What should you know before planning your Italian destination wedding? How do you book your venue? What about catering? Be sure to follow our ultimate guide to help plan your perfect Italian dream wedding!

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  • the full set is ready in up to 8 weeks
  • albums and prints are available on request and are charged separately

Travel costs in “continental Italy” are included in the price – please book a hotel room for 2 nights for a one day wedding. If you’ve chosen your wedding to take place on one of the fabulous Italian islands, like Capri, Salina, Stromboli, Ischia or others – I’ll add the travel costs on top.

To confirm the booking you’ll have to pay a 30% booking deposit. The remaining balance is due a week before the wedding.

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Why do I like to be a wedding photographer in Italy?

I’ve been shooting weddings in Italy for 13 years now, and I have a soft spot for this country. I love being a wedding photographer in Italy because of the amazing venues, amazing light, and friendly people. I’m lucky to work with so many wonderful couples from all over the world who choose Italy for their destination weddings and pre-wedding photoshoots, I also have shot many local Italian weddings for Italian couples.

villa Erba wedding venue in Italy

How do I choose my photographer in Italy?

Choosing your wedding photographer in Italy is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in planning your wedding. For your Italian destination wedding, you’ll want to look for a photographer who has experience shooting in Italy and knows what’s special about the local culture. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their experience and how they communicate with clients: you’ll want someone who knows how to communicate well in English. Ask to see examples of their work – especially images taken in Italy – and read reviews written by other couples. And remember that it’s not just about style: it’s also about personality!

Verona wedding photographer Italy

How many images can I expect to receive?

Janis Ratnieks wedding photographer will deliver a portion of your wedding images within 1 week of your wedding day, with the rest delivered by the following month. When you receive your “sneak peek” images, you’ll have access to all 300- 500 professionally edited images along with a few GIFs and lots of social media-ready images. The rest of the photos will be delivered to you digitally as soon as they’re ready.

When it comes to photography, less is more! You’ll want to choose a photographer who can capture the best angles and moments, instead of taking every picture possible.

You’ll also want someone who knows how to edit their photos so that only the best images are chosen for your collection. Your finished collection should include an average of 700-800 images from your single-day wedding shoot. The number of images you receive will vary depending on the package you choose.

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What is the time frame for receiving my images?

The first set is ready within a week, approximately four weeks after your wedding day, you will be able to view your full set of wedding photos in a private online gallery. You’ll be able to view and share your complete wedding album on my website You’ll be able to download the photos and share them on social media.

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How do I get my photos back?

Apart from the password-protected private online gallery, I offer various wedding albums that you can choose from depending on your budget. You can choose from very chic Queensberry albums to high-tech designer albums printed in Japan. I also offer print packages so that you can have physical copies of all or a selection of your photos.

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Can I get a custom package?

Absolutely! Janis Ratnieks Wedding Photographer offers a wide range of packages to fit every budget and style. I also offer customized packages to meet the needs of any bride or groom. If you’re interested in a custom package, please contact me today! Here

How many photographers will be at my event?

Janis Ratnieks Wedding Photographer I usually work alone. But I also have a team of talented photographers that can travel anywhere in the world to capture your wedding day. It all depends on your needs and the number of wedding guests. I’ll be your primary photographer and will be with you from the moment you get ready until the moment you’ll tell me to stop taking photos.

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How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer?

We recommend booking me as early as possible to secure your preferred dates, especially if you’re considering getting married on a weekend or holiday season. Please contact me with an inquiry if you’re interested in our availability.

Why Italy?

The first question you want to ask yourself is why Italy? If you’re looking for a unique destination wedding, Italy fits the bill. Besides the gorgeous scenery and incredible food, there are many famous landmarks and scenic sites to choose from. Whether you want a more traditional wedding in Rome or something more exotic in Capri, Italy is the perfect destination.

Portofino real wedding photography

Booking Your Venue

When you’re planning a wedding in Italy, the first thing you need to do is to find the perfect venue. The most important thing to remember here is that a venue needs to satisfy two criteria: it should be beautiful and reasonably priced. With beautiful hotels in Italy coming at a premium price, It is helpful to first consider renting out your own villa for the day. There are many beautiful villas in Tuscany that can accommodate 100-200 guests. This is an excellent option for couples looking for more privacy or who want to avoid the typical hotel scene.

wedding photographer in ItalyFor those with more of a budget, there are many gorgeous venues outside of Florence and Tuscany that offer stunning views and reasonable pricing. Consider places like Lake Como or Lake Garda if you’re looking for something near water or Siena if you’re looking for a Tuscan city feel.

Another great option is to rent out an apartment in a city center. This will give you the feeling of a hotel wedding without the inflated price tag. It also makes for a great location for your rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch.

When it comes to choosing your venue, you’ll have a lot of options. You’ll want to consider things like:

  • Size of the venue;
  • Type of venue;
  • Decorations and lighting;
  • Location;
  • Cost.

Venues fall into four main categories:

  1. Church & Religious sites;
  2. Private homes;
  3. Hotels & Restaurants;
  4. Private Villas.

The first two are fairly obvious but hotels and restaurants are also great options for weddings. Some restaurants will even offer a free room for the night if you have your wedding dinner there!

Venice wedding photographer

When booking your location, be sure to decide on a budget as well as your ideal location. Do you want to get married outside? Do you prefer something quaint or large? Once you’ve decided on what type of venue you want, it’s time to book! There really is no place quite like Italy!

Budget and Logistics

It’s important to set a budget before you begin planning. You need to know how much money you have available and what kind of wedding you want. It might be helpful to create a list of priorities and figure out which are the most important aspects of your vision.

According to available statistics the average cost for a wedding in Italy is about 14,880 euros. According to the data, roughly half of the wedding cost is related to catering. In fact, a wedding catering for 100 guests costs on average 7,600 euros. Moreover, a wedding dress had an average price of 3,900 euros.

The next step is logistics. You need to find out where you want to hold your wedding and then figure out how you will get there, who will attend, etc. Once you have those answers in hand, it’s time to start thinking about the finer details – like flowers, food, entertainment, and more.

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Where in Italy should I get married?

Italy has a wide variety of places and cities where one can get married. Aside from historic cities, there are beautiful country sites and the Italian coast as well. They will all make your dream wedding come true.

These are some of the most popular wedding destinations in Italy for you to consider.

Wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany is the ideal location for a romantic wedding. It’s one of the most popular regions in Italy and has numerous beautiful vineyards that are perfect for weddings. The rolling hills, quaint villages, and lush greenery make it a picturesque place to tie the knot. The cities of Siena, Florence, and Pisa are also lovely spots for a wedding. To see more photos I’ve done as a wedding photographer in Tuscany, see here:

Florence Four Seasons Hotel Wedding In Tuscany

Wedding in Venice

Venice is an amazing city and offers some amazing views from Saint Mark’s Basilica and other locations around the city. There are many beautiful backdrops where you can take breathtaking photos of your special day! The Venetian Islands are located in northern Italy and offer some amazing views of the Adriatic Sea. There are many beautiful spots along the coast where you can take stunning photos with your loved ones!

See more of my work as a wedding photographer in Venice here:

A Vibrant Venice Wedding in Palazzo Pisani Moretta

Pre-wedding photoshoot in Venice, Burano, and Dolomites, Italy

Venice wedding

Wedding in Rome

Rome is another great city with numerous historical landmarks that would be perfect for your wedding photos! You can choose from many different hotels in Rome to stay at while planning your big day! Check out more of my weddings in Italy here: Stunning Wedding At Villa Cordevigo Lake Garda Italy

San Pietro in Vincoli wedding church Rome

Wedding in Portofino

The small coastal town of Portofino is located near Genova in northern Italy. It is a picturesque and colorful location for your dream wedding in Italy. This is a very popular wedding destination for Italians and also for foreigners. It has a beautiful coastline that will make your wedding pictures come out great. There are also many luxurious hotels nearby where you can get married if you wish to have a big wedding. See more of my Portofino wedding photos here:Delightful Wedding in Portofino, Italy – Villa Durazzo, Hotel Splendido, and Hotel Imperiale

Portofino Italy wedding photographer

Wedding in Florence

Florence is one of the most popular cities in Italy and is a perfect location for a romantic wedding. The city has numerous beautiful churches, museums, and historic buildings that would be perfect for your wedding photos! View more of the work I’ve done as a wedding photographer in Florence here: Florence Four Seasons Hotel Wedding In Tuscany

wedding in Florence Italy

Wedding in Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most famous lakes in Europe, which makes it an ideal location for a romantic wedding. It’s surrounded by lush greenery and offers picturesque views of the lake. The city itself has numerous historic buildings that would make beautiful backdrops for wedding photos! More photos I’ve taken as a Lake Como wedding photographer can be viewed here:

Lake Como wedding photographer, Villa Carlotta, Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Lake Como wedding in Italy – day one of a three-day destination wedding in Italy


post wedding photo shoot Italy

Wedding in Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is known as one of the most romantic places in Italy, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular spot for weddings. The coast is full of gorgeous views, amazing food, and charming towns. It can be quite expensive here, but it can be worth it if you have a large budget! The most popular city is Positano.

The Dream Wedding in Positano, Italy: Your Guide to Planning a Wedding in One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Amalfi wedding Italy

Wedding in Sicily

This region is located in the southern part of Italy, and it’s a great option for a honeymoon! It can be cheaper than other parts of Italy, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble budgeting here! The most popular city in Sicily is Palermo.

A colorful wedding in Salina, Sicily: the Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia, a great wedding venue

Sicily wedding

The Italian food and wine

The food at your Italian wedding should reflect the region you are marrying in. If you’re marrying in Tuscany or Venice, then it makes sense to have a pasta bar or an Italian buffet. However, if you’re marrying in Abruzzo or Molise, then a barbecue or authentic Italian dish might be more fitting. The food at your Italian wedding should be delicious and reflect the Italian culture.

Wine is a big part of the Italian culture, so it’s important to have plenty of it at your wedding. It’s best to have a wine tasting before your event so that you know what wines you like. If you don’t know much about wine, then consider having a sommelier to help you out. Wine is an important part of the Italian culture and a great way to bring in more people from Italy for your special day.

Italy wedding food

Italian Weddings: The Ceremony

After all the planning comes down to the day of your wedding when it’s time to say “I do”! Many Italians get married in a church, but there are also many civil ceremonies available.

If you do decide on a religious ceremony, you’ll need to find out which parish offers the service closest to where you are getting married. There are several different types of Catholic ceremonies available in Italy, and it’s important that you choose one that fits with your beliefs so that your marriage is recognized by Italian law as well as by God. If you’re having trouble finding an available parish or have specific questions about what type of ceremony you can have, contact your embassy.

italy wedding ceremony

If you decide on a civil ceremony, you’ll need to choose the exact location for your wedding. You’ll also need to decide whether or not you want to have your ceremony translated. This is a good idea if you don’t speak Italian, or if there are guests that don’t speak Italian who will be attending the ceremony. You might also want to consider having a translator available to help with vows and readings during the wedding ceremony if English isn’t one of your languages.

Civil ceremonies in Italy tend to be very short and simple (usually no longer than 20 minutes). They are typically held at city halls or town halls and can be officiated by an official who is usually dressed in a suit rather than religious garb. The guests may sit on chairs or stand depending on how many people are in attendance, but they will generally only be seated if there is no room left standing.

Verona wedding Italy

What You Need To Know About Italian Weddings

Planning a destination wedding can be a daunting task. Especially when you plan to do it halfway across the world in Italy.

There are many things to consider before booking your Italian venue and catering, but here are some of the most important things you need to know about weddings in Italy:

-The entire nation is made up of historical regions with their own traditions and languages, so there are regional variances that you should be aware of.

-The custom of a celebratory meal after the wedding ceremony is an old tradition that’s still alive in Italy. The celebratory meal is usually served at the home of the bride or groom, or at the reception.

-Italian weddings can last anywhere from 1 hour to 4 days. They often start with a celebration of Mass where family and friends come together for a long celebration with food, drinks, and entertainment followed by a celebratory meal later on.

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