Carefree French style Backyard Wedding

How to Organize a Carefree French-Style Backyard Wedding?

Meat Ryan and Sheriff at their carefree French-style backyard wedding at Chateau de Mairy. They organized this wedding by themselves with no professional help at all. Well, I must say that they nailed it, the wedding turned out very laid-back boho vibe. Speaking of laid back the brother of the groom turned up at the ceremony an hour late so they had to have the second ceremony for the brother to enjoy. The only wedding professionals at the wedding were Onorina Jomir Beuty (makeup and hair), the local Chef and me the wedding photographer

There is certainly an upside of having two identical wedding ceremonies- as I was the only wedding photographer now I could be in two places at the “same time”. So I was able to take photos from various angles of the ceremony. So no stress here.:)

Carefree French-style Backyard Wedding
Carefree French-style Backyard Wedding

Wedding Venues in France

So, what to start with, if you want to organize a wedding in a chateau like this in France. Firstly, look for a wedding venue, there are plenty of chateaux to choose from in any part of France. For your convenience, I have made some research and wrote some recommendations for you on my web page. Please check these links:

chateau de mairy France

Ryan’s and Sheriff’s wedding took place in Chateau de Mairy. Château de Mairy is an authentically renovated and traditionally decorated 17th century Historique Monument located in the small village of Mairy Sur Marne. Marne department in north-eastern France. The village is situated on the river Marne, which travels through Chalons-en-Champagne. Approximately ten minutes to the town of Chalons en Champagne, where there is a train station that can get you to Paris in about an hour and a half. The Castle can host maximum 32 guests.

bride and groom photography

A Short and simple Wedding-Planning Checklist

When you have found your dream wedding venue there are still some important things to do.  Make sure to find a wedding dress and suit that is easy to transport to France or you can rent a dress and suit in Paris there is a big choice with wedding dress rental salons in any price category. Then make sure you book a wedding photographer. After that comes all the rest: Makeup artist, hairstylist, florist, and chef or catering company, musicians and don’t forget to arrange the transfer for you and your wedding guests. And that’s it.

Oh yes – please get legally married at your home country first, as I believe it’s better to have all paperwork done in your home country. And the other reason is that in France all weddings take place in the local mairy of the chosen town and only then you can have your garden , beach or church ceremony. So I believe, it’s better to avoid that hassle and get legally married in your home country.

Well in my photographs you can see the result. The final goal they wanted to achieve is the stress less and relaxed wedding where everyone feels in their own skin and happy. Enjoy the gallery below.

Booking your wedding photographer

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in France – be sure to check out my wedding photography portfolio and get in touch here. I’ve photographed weddings throughout all parts of France, so be it Normandy or Nice or anywhere else – please get in touch with any questions you might have. I’m no wedding planning expert, but I’ve seen a lot and I’m happy to share what I’ve seen.


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wedding chateau in France
I absolutely love this simple but beautiful interior design of this room

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Wedding ceremony

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chateau de mairy
A wedding ceremony took place in the backyard of the Chateau

wedding cocktail hour

Cocktail hour followed by a short photoshoot

bride and groom photography

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Two hours later we had another wedding ceremony.

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We decided to do make group photoshoot a bit more interesting than usually

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Beautiful sunset at the end of a beautiful day

African wedding

Time for a Nigerian wedding party.

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