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A Dream Paris Wedding: Musee Rodin Elegance Captured by a Top Paris Wedding Photographer

Imagine your dream wedding in the heart of Paris, with the iconic Musee Rodin as your backdrop, captured beautifully by a renowned Paris wedding photographer- Janis Ratnieks. Paris- the city, with its timeless romance and classic elegance, became more than a backdrop; it became a character in their love story, witnessing their union during a magnificent three-day celebration. The event, a seamless fusion of heartfelt emotions, traditional rituals, and lively celebrations, unfolded in some of Paris’s most iconic locales, each moment, each emotion, meticulously captured to be relived for generations to come.

A beautiful Chinese tea party wedding ceremony captured through photography in the enchanting city of Paris

Navigating through the quaint streets, from the opulent Hotel de Crillon to the artistic haven of Musee du Rodin, the wedding was a visual and emotional journey through the very heart of Paris. Janis, with his seasoned eye for detail and a deep understanding of moments, both candid and choreographed, crafted a visual narrative that transcended mere photographs. It became a window into the days where two souls became one, surrounded by the joyous tears and laughter of those they hold dear.

As we delve into this Parisian love story, we invite you to explore not just the events, but the unspoken words, the gentle glances, and the subtle nuances that define a once-in-a-lifetime love. For every image holds a story, a whisper of a moment gone by, yet preserved eternally by a wedding photographer in Paris, where every frame speaks of love in its purest form.

A view of Place de la Concorde in Paris, France, with its iconic Egyptian obelisk and grand architecture.

The Romantic Allure of Paris

Paris often hailed as the ‘City of Love,’ has long been a sanctuary for romantics, offering a rich tapestry of historical, cultural, and aesthetic wonders that effortlessly intertwine to create a backdrop that’s nothing short of magical. For a wedding photographer in Paris, like Janis Ratnieks, the city isn’t merely a location; it’s a co-conspirator in crafting timeless moments, a silent whisperer of stories waiting to be told through every frame.

The allure of Paris lies not just in its iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, gently piercing the skyline, or the Seine, quietly caressing the city’s edges. It’s also found in the subtle, often overlooked moments: a gentle smile exchanged over a café au lait in a secluded bistro, a stolen kiss under the gentle glow of street lamps on a quiet boulevard, or a serene walk through cobblestone streets, where every stone is a silent witness to countless tales of love and longing.

A bride in the midst of preparations, getting ready for her wedding at the luxurious Hotel Crillon.

When Christina and Mario chose Paris as the canvas for their wedding celebration, they were not just selecting a venue. They were entwining their love story with the eternal spirit of Paris, allowing the city’s essence to permeate every moment, every photograph, of their union. The choice of Paris was not merely geographical; it was emotional, symbolic, and deeply personal. It was a nod to a city that has, for centuries, been a silent observer of countless stories of love, from the passionately tumultuous to the quietly enduring.

As a wedding photographer in Paris, capturing the essence of love against this rich, historical backdrop is a unique challenge and privilege. It’s about intertwining the couple’s unique narrative with the larger story of the city, crafting images that are profoundly personal, yet universally relatable. It’s about recognizing that every glance, every gentle touch, and every tear shed is a thread in the larger tapestry of the city’s romantic legacy.

A captivating scene featuring vibrant red shoes and a matching red theme. A meticulously prepared Chinese wedding plan with cultural and ceremonial details. A stunning arrangement of vibrant flowers in full bloom.

Choosing the Perfect Paris Wedding Venue: Why Musee Rodin Stands Out


The venues chosen by Christina and Mario for their celebration, Hotel de Crillon and Musee du Rodin, are not just physical spaces. They are entities, each holding within their walls stories of times gone by, of celebrations witnessed, and of love celebrated. Hotel de Crillon, with its regal ambiance and historical significance, offers a blend of luxury and tradition, providing a setting that is both luxurious and deeply rooted in Parisian history. On the other hand, Musee du Rodin, with its artistic soul and serene gardens, offers a tranquil, aesthetic environment, where nature and art coalesce to create a space that is peaceful yet vibrantly alive.

Navigating through these spaces, a wedding photographer in Paris becomes a storyteller, using the lens to narrate not just the events as they unfold, but to capture the unspoken, to unveil the unseen, and to preserve the fleeting. It’s about understanding that every photograph is not just a record of a moment in time, but a doorway into a story that is as eternal as the city itself.

Christina and Mario’s wedding was not just a celebration of their love; it was a continuation of a tradition of romance that is as old as Paris itself. Through the lens, we are invited to observe, partake in their story, and witness their love against the backdrop of a city that has inspired countless tales of romance. As we explore the various facets of their three-day celebration in the following sections, we are not just observers; we are participants, silently accompanying them through one of the most profound journeys of their lives, in a city that stands still in time, yet is vibrantly alive with stories of love.

Exquisite Chinese wedding invitations, rich in cultural symbolism and elegant design. Iconic red Louboutin shoes, synonymous with luxury and high fashion. Makeup artistry by Modern Bride Paris, enhancing the bride's beauty on her special day. Groomsmen gathering at the Sofitel, sharing camaraderie and pre-wedding moments.

Day One – Tradition and Elegance in Dual Tea Ceremonies

In the heart of Paris, where the echoes of countless love stories linger in its historic avenues, Christina and Mario chose to honor their roots by intertwining the rich, oriental traditions of their Taiwanese heritage with the classic romance of the French capital. The first day of their wedding celebration was dedicated to the Chinese tea ceremony, a pivotal and intimate component of Chinese weddings, symbolizing respect, appreciation, and love within the family.

The tea ceremony is not merely a ritual but a poignant exchange that bridges generations, honoring both the familial and the eternal. As Christina and Mario, adorned in traditional Chinese wedding attire, knelt and served tea to their elders, they were not just participating in a ritual but were weaving themselves into a tapestry that has spanned generations. The act of serving tea, so simple yet so profoundly symbolic, was a moment where two worlds gracefully collided – the rich, deep-rooted traditions of Taiwan meeting the timeless romance of Paris.

The groom holding a bouquet of flowers for a tea ceremony in a wedding tradition. The groom arriving at the tea ceremony in style, chauffeured in a luxurious car. Hotel de Crillon, a stunning backdrop for capturing timeless wedding moments in Paris. Hotel de Crillon: A Parisian wedding venue where dreams come to life. Hotel de Crillon's majestic front entrance, a grand welcome to luxury in Paris Luxurious Paris Limo Service for a Wedding in the City of Love. Vintage Chinese Tea Party Wedding Photography in the Romantic Streets of Paris. Kevin's Recommended Paris Limo Service - Luxury and Convenience Combined.

Held within the opulent walls of Hotel de Crillon, the first tea ceremony was a beautiful amalgamation of cultures. The hotel, with its rich history and luxurious ambiance, became a space where the elegance of Parisian architecture and the deep, symbolic traditions of the Chinese tea ceremony coexisted in harmonious unity. Every bow, every sip of tea, and every exchange of words was a whisper of respect, a subtle acknowledgment of the journey that had led them to this moment in time.

As a wedding photographer in Paris, capturing these intimate exchanges against the backdrop of such a historically and culturally rich venue is a journey into understanding the delicate balance between tradition and modernity. It’s about recognizing that each gesture, each look exchanged, is a moment where the past and present converge, where respect for where they come from enhances the journey on which they are embarking.

Charming Chinese Tea Party Wedding Pictures in the Heart of Paris. Elegant Chinese Tea Party Wedding Photos in the Romantic Setting of Paris. Chinese Tea Party Wedding Event Photographer in the Romantic Ambiance of Paris. Exquisite Chinese Tea Party Wedding Decor Images from a Romantic Paris Celebration. Traditional Chinese Tea Party Wedding Photography in the Heart of Paris. Spontaneous and Heartfelt Candid Shots from a Chinese Tea Party Wedding in Paris. A heartwarming moment as a mother wishes her daughter well. Scenic Location Near Restaurant Oanda, Perfect for Dining Enthusiasts. Symbolic Imagery: Child with Two Apples, Captured by a Skilled Wedding Photographer.

The second tea ceremony, held at Restaurant Oanda, introduced a different, yet equally enchanting, ambiance. The restaurant, known for its culinary excellence and its ability to blend different cultural flavors, provided a setting that was both intimate and expansively universal. Here, the traditional Chinese tea ceremony was enveloped by a space that is inherently Parisian in its appreciation for culinary artistry and cultural experiences. It was a subtle, yet beautiful reminder that love, in all its forms, is a universal language, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.

Christina and Mario, through their celebration, brought to life a beautiful symphony where the melodies of Taiwanese traditions and Parisian elegance played in perfect harmony. The tea ceremonies, while deeply rooted in their cultural significance, were also a celebration of the coming together of two families, two cultures, and two worlds in a city that has long been a testament to the enduring and universal power of love.

In these moments, where tradition and romance are entwined, the role of a wedding photographer in Paris transforms into that of a visual historian, documenting a narrative that is as deeply personal as it is universally relatable. It’s about capturing the essence of traditions that have traveled through time and space to find a home in a city where love is the timeless resident.

As we explore the continuation of Christina and Mario’s journey in the following sections, we delve deeper into a story where every moment is a gentle whisper of the past, a joyful celebration of the present, and a hopeful toast to the future.

Captivating Chinese Tea Ceremony at Oanda Paris: Cultural Elegance. Enchanting Chinese Tea Party Wedding Photoshoot in the Heart of Paris. Experienced Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony Photographer in the Heart of Paris.

Unforgettable Parisian wedding at the iconic Hotel Crillon - a beautifully preserved memory captured by our skilled wedding photographer

Day Two, Part 1 – A Sunny Morning Prelude in Paris

The second day of Christina and Mario’s wedding celebration welcomed guests with the gentle embrace of a late August morning in Paris. The sun, tenderly spilling its golden hues across the city, hinted at a hot day brewing, yet the atmosphere was imbued with lightness, and gentle anticipation of the heartfelt moments yet to unfold. For a wedding photographer in Paris, such mornings offer a canvas where the soft light paints every emotion, every detail, in a warm, ethereal glow.

Intimate Hotel Crillon wedding - a celebration of love in a luxurious and private setting

Classic Paris wedding photography - timeless moments of love in the City of Romance

Glamorous wedding at Hotel Crillon - a celebration of love and luxury.Candid Hotel Crillon wedding shots - authentic moments of love and celebration.

Christina’s preparation took place in the Grand Salon of Hotel de Crillon, a space where opulence and history dance in a timeless duet. As the makeup artist gently applied the finishing touches, enhancing the bride’s natural radiance, there was a palpable serenity in the air, punctuated by occasional bursts of laughter and excited whispers. The room, bathed in the gentle morning light, became a stage where every emotion, every detail, was a story waiting to be told through the lens.

The terrace of Hotel de Crillon, overlooking the heart of Paris, presented a picturesque setting for the initial photo shoot. Christina, adorned in her exquisite wedding gown, became a vision of elegance against the backdrop of the awakening city. The images captured here were not merely photographs but frozen moments where the bride, in her quiet contemplation and joyous anticipation, was enveloped by a city synonymous with love and romance.

Captured moment of the groom enjoying a pre-wedding toast at Hotel Crillon in Paris, beautifully prepared by our expert wedding photographer.

A Parisian wedding at Hotel Crillon, where love meets luxury in the heart of the city

Paris wedding photographer capturing the magic at Hotel Crillon, your trusted partner for timeless memories.

Elegant Paris wedding photography - timeless moments of love and grace.

Crillon Hotel wedding photographer - capturing the elegance and beauty of timeless celebrations

Stunning Paris wedding photography that captures the romance and beauty of love amidst the enchanting backdrop of the City of Light.

Chic wedding photographer in Paris - capturing stylish moments of love and celebration

Dreamy Hotel Crillon wedding photos - capturing the enchantment of a love-filled day.

Romantic wedding at Hotel Crillon in Paris - a dreamy celebration of love in an enchanting setting.

Best wedding photographer in Paris at Crillon - preserving unforgettable moments of love.

Beautiful Paris wedding photos - capturing the timeless beauty of love in the City of Romance.

Breathtaking Paris wedding photos - capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of love in the City of Light.

A short, enchanting walk led the bridal party to Place du Concorde, where the historical grandeur of Paris unfolded in all its glory. The obelisk, standing tall against the canvas of the Parisian sky, bore silent witness to the moments of joy and playful interactions that unfolded below. The juxtaposition of the bride, delicate and radiant, against the robust, historical landmarks, created a visual narrative that spoke of new beginnings in a city where every stone, every monument, is steeped in stories of the past.

As a wedding photographer in Paris, especially on a sunny morning where shadows and light play a whimsical game, capturing the essence of each moment becomes a delightful challenge. It’s about recognizing the interplay of light and emotion, ensuring that the warmth of the sun enhances, rather than overshadows, the genuine emotions unfolding naturally.

Timeless Paris wedding photography showcasing the enduring love and beauty of a couple's special day in the heart of the city.

A captivating love story told by Paris wedding photographer, capturing moments of pure romance.

Christina, amidst the historical splendor of Place du Concorde, was not merely a bride awaiting her moment to say ‘I do.’ She was a vital part of a larger narrative, where love, tradition, and the timeless spirit of Paris converged to create a tapestry that would be cherished for generations to come.

As the morning gradually melded into the afternoon, the atmosphere was abuzz with excitement, anticipation building with each passing moment. The scenes captured during this sunny morning prelude were not merely the beginning of a wedding day; they were the first notes of a melody that would weave through Christina and Mario’s celebration, resonating in the hearts of all present.

In the subsequent sections, we will journey through the continuation of this enchanting day, where vows were exchanged, and two souls were united under the Parisian sky, forever becoming a part of the city’s eternal tapestry of love stories.

Groom getting ready - a candid moment beautifully captured by our wedding photography.

Groom's preparation on the wedding day - capturing the anticipation and final touches.Stylish groom getting dressed in a well-tailored suit, adding sophistication to his wedding day look.

Groom's suite on the wedding morning - a glimpse into the anticipation and preparations.

Dapper groom preparing for his wedding - a showcase of style and anticipation

Groom smiling and getting ready, radiating happiness on his wedding day.

Groom's suit and tie preparation - a moment of style and elegance before the wedding.

Groom enjoying pre-wedding drinks at Hotel Crillon - a moment of relaxation and anticipation.    Groom relaxing at the Hotel Crillon bar - a moment of calm before the wedding festivities.  Groom's pre-wedding moments at the cocktail bar - a toast to love and anticipation.

Groom chilling at Hotel Crillon's bar - a relaxed moment before the wedding

Groom's pre-wedding toast captured at Hotel Crillon, a heartwarming moment before the celebration

Bridesmaids getting ready on the wedding day - A glimpse into the pre-ceremony moments.

Bridesmaids' hair and makeup - Enhancing beauty and elegance.

Elegant bridal glow - Radiating beauty on your special day.

Bride's grace on her wedding morning - A serene start to a beautiful day.

Captivating bridal charm - Radiating beauty on the wedding day.

Breathtaking bride and her party - A moment of beauty and celebration.

Bridesmaids getting ready at Hotel Crillon - Elegance and anticipation in a luxurious setting.

Musée du Rodin wedding - An artistic celebration of love in the heart of Paris.

Day Two, Part 2 – Vows, Florals, and Timeless Moments at Musee du Rodin

Under the generous Parisian sun, Christina and Mario’s love story gracefully unfolded within the sculptural elegance of Musee du Rodin. Despite the persistent heat of the day, a gentle breeze offered a soft embrace, whispering through the verdant gardens and providing a subtle respite to the assembled guests. Capturing the vibrant emotions, intricate details, and the omnipresent warmth of the day became a delicate dance of shadows and light for a wedding photographer in Paris.

Musée du Rodin wedding photographer in Paris - Capturing your love story with artistry.

Exquisite Musée Rodin wedding garden floral arrangement - Blossoms of love in an artistic haven.

Linda Chapenois, with a masterful touch, brought the serene surroundings to life through florals, their vibrant colors, and delicate arrangements seamlessly intertwining with the timeless sculptures that have adorned the gardens for decades. Each petal and leaf silently witnessed the vows exchanged, adding their ephemeral beauty to a moment eternally preserved in memory and photographs.

Scenic outdoor wedding ceremony at Musée Rodin adorned with beautiful flowers.

Musée Rodin wedding garden flowerscape - Nature's beauty meets love's splendor.

Captivating floral design at a romantic garden wedding in Musée Rodin - a photographer's delight

Captivating garden wedding ceremony setup at Musée Rodin - Nature's beauty meets artistic elegance.

Guests arriving at the wedding ceremony - A joyful gathering of loved ones.

Musée Rodin interior - Capturing the artistic essence of a historic venue.

Elegant floral decor at Musée Rodin wedding - Blooms of sophistication and romance.

Musée Rodin wedding garden floral beauty - Blooms of love in an artistic paradise.

Rodin sculptures - adding artistic allure to wedding photography.

Rodin - A picturesque backdrop for timeless wedding moments.

Musée Rodin wedding ceremony - Love's grand celebration amid artistic splendor.

The Art of Paris Wedding Photography at Musee Rodin


As Christina and Mario stood, enveloped by floral splendor, declaring their love and commitment beneath the watchful eyes of Rodin’s creations, the gentle melodies of a string quartet wafted through the air. The music, both poignant and uplifting, crafted a symphony of emotions that resonated through the gardens and into the walls of the museum, binding the couple and their loved ones together with an unseen thread.

Following the ceremony, guests were welcomed to an outdoor bar, where a champagne tower, shimmering under the Parisian sun, awaited. The clinking of glasses, the bubbling laughter, and the shared joy created an atmosphere that was both celebratory and intimate, where every smile and every shared word became a note in a love song transcending time and space.

Outdoor wedding venue at Musée Rodin - Embracing love amid nature and artistry.

Garden wedding at Musée Rodin - Love blooms in an artistic paradise

Elegant wedding venue in Paris - A timeless backdrop for your love story.

Timeless wedding photographer at Musée Rodin, capturing moments of eternal love.

Chinese girls tossing flower petals - A cultural touch in wedding traditions

Romantic wedding ceremony in Paris - a celebration of love against an iconic backdrop

Musée Rodin wedding scenery - Where love and artistry merge.

Musée Rodin wedding ceremony - Elegance and love intertwine in an artistic setting.

The mellowed late afternoon light cast a golden hue over the gardens as Christina and Mario participated in a photoshoot among the sculptures. The Invalides, with its iconic dome, created a majestic silhouette against the sky, becoming a timeless guardian overseeing the couple’s journey through light and shadow. Inside Musee du Rodin, among the silent, stoic beauty of the sculptures, the couple shared moments both intimate and monumental, their love becoming a silent dialogue with the art that surrounded them.

The return to Hotel de Crillon in the vintage Citroen DS was a ride through the pages of a timeless Parisian tale. A brief pause by the fountain of Place du Concorde allowed moments to be captured amidst the gentle cascade of water, where the past and present converged, and Christina and Mario, now bound by vows, became a part of Paris’s eternal love story.

In the chapters that follow, we will continue to journey through the tapestry of emotions, celebrations, and timeless moments that defined Christina and Mario’s wedding, each photograph a doorway into a moment, a memory, and a melody that will forever echo through the corridors of their shared existence.

Musée Rodin wedding photography - Capturing love against an artistic backdrop.  Parisian wedding ceremony at Musée Rodin - Love's elegance against an artistic backdrop.

Asian wedding in Paris - Celebrating love with cultural richness.Captivating outdoor wedding setup at Musée Rodin - A perfect blend of nature and artistry.  Museum wedding in Paris - Love stories amidst art and history

China wedding photographer in Paris - Capturing international love stories

Wedding ceremony at Musée in Paris beautifully captured by our expert wedding photographer.China wedding in Paris - Bridging cultures through love and photography.

Timeless Rodin wedding moments - Love's elegance in artistry.

Romantic Rodin wedding ceremony - Love's artistry in Paris.

Love story at Rodin ceremony - Elegance amidst artistry.

Artistic Rodin ceremony captures - Love's beauty amidst art.

Musée Rodin wedding photographer Paris - Capturing love amidst artistry.

Artistic Musée Rodin wedding shots - Love's beauty amidst sculptures

Elegant wedding at Musée Rodin - Capturing love's artistic beauty.

Timeless Rodin wedding photography - Capturing love in artistry.

Parisian romance at Musée Rodin - Capturing love's timeless elegance.

Love story captured at Musée Rodin - Artistry and romance intertwined

Cultural richness at Rodin wedding - Love amidst artistic heritage.

Enchanting Rodin wedding moments - Love's artistry in Paris.

Romantic Paris wedding photographer - Capturing love's timeless moments.

Elegant Parisian wedding photography - Capturing love's timeless charm.

Timeless wedding moments in Paris - Capturing love's elegance.

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Glamorous wedding photos in Paris - Capturing opulence and love.

Artistic Paris wedding photography - Capturing love's creative essence.

Capturing love in the City of Light - Elegance and romance preserved.Bride and groom Paris wedding shots - Capturing love's elegance

Romantic Paris destination wedding - Capturing love in the City of Love.

Elegant wedding photography in Paris - Capturing timeless romance.

Intimate Parisian wedding moments - Elegance and romance preserved.

Stylish Paris wedding photojournalism - Capturing candid moments with flair

Breathtaking wedding photographer Paris - Capturing love's awe-inspiring moments.

Film wedding photographer Paris - Capturing love's timeless beauty

Timeless film photography in Paris - Capturing love's vintage elegance

Romantic Parisian wedding on film - Capturing love's cinematic charm.

Elegant wedding moments on film - Capturing love's timeless grace.

Love story captured on film in Paris - Timeless romance preserved."

Enchanting film wedding photographer - Capturing love's timeless allure.

Day Two, Part 3 – Celebratory Echoes through the Halls of Hotel de Crillon

The sun dipped below the Parisian skyline, casting a warm, golden glow across the city as Christina and Mario’s wedding day transitioned into an evening of celebration, heartfelt speeches, and joyous revelry within the historic walls of Hotel de Crillon. The atmosphere, imbued with a blend of elegance and jubilation, welcomed guests into a space where every laugh, every cheer, and every tear was a note in a melody that would linger in the memories of all present.

Candid film photography Paris - Capturing authentic moments of love.

Hotel Crillon dinner setup - Elegance and romance in Paris.

Artistic film wedding captures in Paris - Love's creativity on film.

The dinner, set within the opulent salons of the hotel, was a feast not just for the palate but also for the soul. As guests found their seats amidst the elegant decor, the soft, sultry notes of background music provided by Jazz Around Midnight gently enveloped the room, crafting an ambiance that was both sophisticated and warmly inviting. Each course, meticulously prepared and exquisitely presented, was a journey through culinary artistry, complementing the rich tapestry of emotions that unfolded with every speech delivered.

Tears and laughter intermingled as friends and family rose, one by one, to honor Christina and Mario, sharing stories, blessings, and wishes for their shared future. The speeches, heartfelt and genuine, resonated through the hall, each word a testament to the love and bond shared not just between the couple but with everyone in the room. As a wedding photographer in Paris, capturing these moments of vulnerability, joy, and genuine emotion becomes a pursuit of preserving the intangible, ensuring that the words spoken and the emotions felt are immortalized in each frame.


Chic Paris wedding on film - Capturing love's stylish elegance.

Glamorous film wedding photos in Paris - Capturing opulence on film.

Classic Parisian wedding film - Capturing love's timeless elegance.

As the final notes of the speeches faded and the last courses were savored, guests transitioned into the bar of Crillon, where a mirror floor reflected the twinkling lights and the vibrant energy of the party above. The atmosphere, charged with excitement and celebration, pulsed with the beat of the music, inviting everyone to let loose, dance, and revel in the joyous occasion.

Intimate film photography in Paris - Capturing timeless romance.

Vintage Paris wedding on film - Capturing timeless romance.

Stylish film wedding photojournalism - Capturing moments with cinematic flair.

Breathtaking film photographer Paris - Capturing love's cinematic beauty.

Natural light film wedding photography - Capturing love in its purest form.

Paris destination wedding film captures - Preserving love's cinematic beauty

Fine art film wedding photographer Paris - Capturing elegance in every frame.

Ethereal film wedding moments in Paris - Capturing love's enchantment

The bar, with its artisan mixology cocktails, became a hub of lively conversations, cheers, and shared moments among friends, family, and newly-made acquaintances. Each cocktail, crafted with precision and flair, was not merely a drink but an experience, enhancing the vivacity of the party and adding a splash of creativity and fun to the celebrations.

Christina and Mario, amidst the dancing, the cheers, and the clinking of glasses, found moments of shared glances, soft touches, and whispered words, their love and joy radiating through the energetic atmosphere. Their celebration was not merely a party but a shared experience where every dance, every cheer, and every shared story became a part of their collective memory.

Capturing love on film in the City of Love - Timeless romance preserved.

As we explore the concluding parts of their three-day celebration, we delve deeper into the moments that define not just a wedding, but a union that is celebrated, cherished, and remembered by all who were fortunate enough to bear witness to it.

Hotel Crillon Paris night photos - Capturing the elegance under the stars.

Parisian wedding breakfast - A celebration of love in the City of Romance.

Day Three – Gentle Goodbyes and New Beginnings

The morning after the vibrant celebrations brought a serene, gentle atmosphere to the surroundings of La Belle Epoque, where Christina and Mario and their guests gathered for breakfast, marking the closing chapter of their three-day wedding celebration in Paris. The air, filled with soft murmurs of conversations, gentle laughter, and the clinking of cutlery against plates, held a comforting warmth, a stark, peaceful contrast to the lively revelry of the night before.

As guests enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, the room was enveloped in a subtle, comforting light, casting a soft glow on the remnants of the previous days’ celebrations. The atmosphere was one of contented fulfillment, where every smile, and every shared glance carried the weight of shared experiences, memories created, and moments that would be cherished for a lifetime.

Post-wedding breakfast in Paris - A charming celebration of love.

Christina and Mario, nestled among their loved ones, found themselves amidst a sea of emotions, from the joyous echoes of the celebrations to the bittersweet realization of the concluding festivities. Their eyes, gleaming with happiness and gratitude, met each guest with a genuine appreciation for being part of their journey, for sharing in their joy, and for becoming a part of a memory that would be etched into their collective history.

Intimate wedding morning in Paris - Cherished moments of love.

As a wedding photographer in Paris, capturing these quiet, introspective moments becomes a journey into understanding the depth of human connections, recognizing that the silent, unspoken words often hold as much weight as the loud, celebratory cheers. It’s about preserving the tranquility, the quiet joy, and the subtle, yet profound, emotions that linger in the aftermath of the celebration.

Guests, each carrying a piece of the celebration within them, gradually began to bid their farewells, with soft hugs, warm handshakes, and promises to hold the memories close, regardless of the miles that would soon lie between them. Some would find their way back to the US, others to Taiwan, and some to various corners of the globe, yet each one carried with them a piece of Paris, a moment in time where they were all together, bound by the love and union of Christina and Mario.

As Christina and Mario waved goodbye to their departing guests, their hands entwined, they were not merely bidding farewell to their loved ones. They were also whispering a gentle goodbye to Paris, to a city that had cradled their love story, witnessed their union, and become an indelible part of their journey. Paris, with its timeless charm, had silently observed their celebrations, and now, in the calm after the storm, it stood quietly, basking in the gentle glow of their love.

In the chapters that follow, we will explore the reflections, the quiet moments of introspection, and the forward-looking gazes of Christina and Mario as they step into their future, hand in hand, heart in heart, forever bound by the memories crafted in the city of love.

Breakfast celebration after wedding - Cherishing post-wedding moments.Unforgettable wedding brunch in Paris - Celebrating love over breakfast


Behind the Lens – Crafting Memories with Janis Ratnieks

In the enchanting city of Paris, where every corner tells a story of love, romance, and timeless memories, Janis Ratnieks has become a weaver of tales, capturing moments that transcend time and space through his lens. With over 200 weddings and pre-wedding photoshoots in Paris under his belt, Janis doesn’t just photograph events; he encapsulates emotions, preserves fleeting moments, and crafts visual narratives that will be cherished for generations.

Navigating through the myriad of emotions, settings, and moments that define a wedding, especially in a city as multifaceted as Paris, requires not just technical skill, but also a deep understanding of light, location, and, most importantly, people. Janis, with his extensive knowledge of shooting locations, seasonal light situations, and adept management of people and photoshoots, has honed his ability to not just capture, but also to create moments that resonate with genuine emotion and timeless beauty.

Location scouting and planning, especially in a city that offers a plethora of picturesque settings, is an art in itself. Janis, with his intimate knowledge of Paris, ensures that every shot, every backdrop, and every angle tells a story that is in harmony with the couple’s journey. Whether it’s capturing a gentle kiss beneath the Eiffel Tower or a playful glance on the charming streets of Montmartre, Janis ensures that the essence of Paris is intricately woven into every image.

Paris, with its timeless charm, has become a sought-after destination for weddings, attracting couples from the USA, Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, Japan, and various corners of the globe. Janis has become a storyteller for these destination weddings, understanding that for many, Paris is not just a location but a dream, a fantasy that has fluttered through their hearts as they whisper their vows and promise forever to each other.

For Janis, every wedding is a new chapter, a new story waiting to be told. It’s about understanding the couple, their journey, their dreams, and their desires, and crafting a visual narrative that is as unique as their love story. It’s about ensuring that every smile, every tear, and every tender touch is preserved, not just as an image but as a memory that will echo through time.

As we delve into the concluding sections of Christina and Mario’s wedding, we do so with the understanding that each image, each moment captured, is a testament to their love, their journey, and the skillful artistry of a wedding photographer who, with every click of the shutter, crafts a timeless memory in the city of love.

A Timeless Tale of Love and Celebration in Paris

As the echoes of laughter and the gentle hum of shared memories from Christina and Mario’s three-day celebration gently fade into the tapestry of Paris, a sense of profound gratitude and reflection fills the air. This was not merely a wedding; it was a symphony of love, culture, and shared joy that reverberated through the historic walls of Hotel de Crillon and the timeless beauty of Musee du Rodin.

Being entrusted as their wedding photographer, to capture the myriad of emotions, the subtle glances, and the vibrant celebrations, has been an honor and a journey that will be cherished deeply. Each click of the shutter was not just a preservation of a moment in time but a note in a melody that will continue to play through their lives, resonating with love, joy, and a timeless connection.

A heartfelt thank you extends to Iris Weddings Paris, the planner who orchestrated this magnificent event with finesse and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each moment, from the intimate tea ceremonies to the lively celebrations, was executed flawlessly. Your dedication and expertise crafted a seamless experience, allowing every emotion, and every celebration, to unfold naturally and beautifully.

Gratitude also extends to Kinda Chapenois for the exquisite florals, Jazz Around Midnight for the soulful melodies, and Gabriel Menassier, the videographer who, alongside, helped encapsulate the emotions and moments into a visual and auditory narrative that will be revisited for years to come. Your contributions have been instrumental in crafting an atmosphere that was both enchanting and deeply personal.

To the guests, who traveled from various corners of the globe, bringing with them blessings, joy, and heartfelt warmth, thank you. Your presence, your shared moments, and your celebrations have been integral threads in the tapestry of this union, adding depth, color, and vibrancy to each moment.

And to Christina and Mario, a couple whose love story has been a beautiful journey to witness and preserve, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your celebration, your union, and your love story. Your journey, from whispered vows amidst the sculptures of Rodin to joyous celebrations under the Parisian sky, has been a melody that will linger in the hearts of all who were fortunate to bear witness.

As we step away from the celebrations, the images captured will stand as timeless reminders of love, unity, and the beautiful tapestry that has been woven over these three days in Paris. May your journey ahead be filled with the same love, joy, and timeless moments that have defined your union, and may your love story continue to be a beautiful melody that plays through all your days to come.


Your Invitation to Capture Timeless Moments with Janis Ratnieks

Welcome to a realm where every emotion, every smile, and every tender glance is eternally preserved through a lens of expertise and passion. As you’ve journeyed through the visual and heartfelt narrative of Christina and Mario’s magnificent three-day celebration in Paris, you’ve not only been a witness to their love story but also entered a world where each photograph is a cherished, timeless keepsake, crafted with skill and heartfelt dedication.

Janis Ratnieks warmly invites you to explore more tales, more moments, and more cherished memories through his extensive portfolio of weddings and celebrations. Each image is not just a photograph but a forever-preserved moment, a memory gently transformed into visual form, ready to be revisited and cherished for generations to come.

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Navigate through a world where love, celebration, and timeless memories are transformed into visual narratives. View more of Janis’s work and step into stories of love, joy, and celebration that have been beautifully preserved through his lens. Contact us here.

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Your love story, your moments, and your celebrations are unique and deserve to be preserved with authenticity and emotion. Janis is here to listen, understand, and encapsulate each moment of your journey with dedication and passion.

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Your journey, your questions, and your visions are invaluable. Connect with Janis to explore how your moments can be preserved into timeless memories. Whether you have queries, visions, or simply wish to explore more, your words are eagerly awaited.

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Ensure that each moment, each emotion, and each subtle nuance of your celebration is preserved with skill, dedication, and passion. Secure Janis Ratnieks as your wedding photographer and step into a world where your moments are not just captured but are transformed into timeless memories.

Your love story deserves to be told with authenticity, emotion, and timeless beauty. Allow Janis Ratnieks to be the storyteller who brings your moments to life, crafting a visual narrative that will be cherished, revisited, and passed down through generations.

Frequently Asked Questions For Wedding Photographer Janis Ratnieks


1. How far in advance should we book our wedding photography with Janis Ratnieks?

It’s advisable to book your wedding photography as soon as your date and venue are secured, especially during peak wedding seasons, to ensure availability. Janis often gets booked up to 12-18 months in advance, so reaching out early will help secure your date in his calendar.

2. Does Janis Ratnieks travel for destination weddings, and how does that work?

Yes, Janis has extensive experience with destination weddings across the globe. He will work with you to manage travel arrangements and logistics to ensure seamless photography coverage for your destination wedding. All travel and accommodation costs are transparently communicated and can be integrated into your photography package.

3. How does Janis approach wedding photography, and what is his style?

Janis Ratnieks blends a mix of documentary and fine art photography, ensuring your wedding is captured with a natural, yet artistic touch. His approach is unobtrusive and candid, capturing genuine emotions and moments while also ensuring that each shot is beautifully composed and timeless.

4. How long after the wedding will we receive our photographs?

You will typically receive a sneak peek of images shortly after your wedding. The full gallery of beautifully edited images is generally delivered within 8-12 weeks post-wedding, ensuring each photograph is given the attention it deserves to truly shine.

5. Can we have a say in the style of post-production editing of our photos?

Janis Ratnieks is dedicated to ensuring your wedding photos are a true reflection of your day and personal style. While he has a signature style, he is open to discussions about your preferences and will work with you to ensure you are thrilled with the final images.

If you have any more questions or need further details, feel free to reach out directly through our contact page or explore more information on the website. Janis Ratnieks is dedicated to ensuring your wedding is captured beautifully, authentically, and in a way that will allow you to relive each moment for years to come.


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Wedding venue – Hotel Crillon Paris

Outdoor ceremony in Paris – Musee Rodin

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Your Paris Wedding Photographer Awaits


So, are you ready to turn your dream Paris wedding into a reality? I’m just an email or a phone call away! Reach out to me at [email protected] or dial +44 7979974527 for a friendly chat. Together, we’ll explore how to capture your special day in the heart of Paris and turn those precious moments into everlasting treasures. Let’s start this beautiful journey together and make your wedding memories truly unforgettable.

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