Vibrant and Stylish British Outdoor Wedding in France

Sophie and Daniel’s Vibrant and Stylish British Outdoor Wedding in France was nothing short of playful and elegant, and it had us dreaming of the beautiful autumn days ahead. Now don’t get me wrong, Britain has some glorious autumn days, but I prefer France for an autumn wedding as the weather is so much more predictable.

Early September wedding in France

So, that is probably why Sophie and Daniel chose to get married in this stunning French castle – Chateau de Challain. And here we are in early September in the rural Loire Valley, one of the greatest regions in France. In a peaceful village Challain la Potherie. The couple’s priority must be to have fun and make for an unforgettable experience for their guests. And they nailed it with the help of their wedding planner Cynthia Nicholson. Their wedding day included a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony, a whole lot of nature-inspired decors, and late-night sparkles before the cutting of the cake.

Dog-friendly wedding venue

Well, I also must mention their “guest of honor” their fluffy black friend DOG. Sorry, I don’t remember his name, but he accompanied us throughout the whole wedding day and barked over his shoulder for us to hurry up. Because the wedding dinner will get cold, that’s the most important part of the day in the dog’s life. How do I know it? I have one of those little buggers myself. So, with that said, Chateau Challain is a dog and probably all pet- friendly wedding venue in France. I have seen there a lot of pets: dogs, cats, donkeys, Al Pacas, otters living in the pond not to mention countless horses I’ve had the pleasure of working with during weddings there.

Are you ready to see an adorable Sophia and friendly Daniel, a reception that belongs in a magazine, and a firework-filled ending? Keep scrolling to see every detail with me- Janis Ratnieks , the wedding photographer.

Wedding photographer in France

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Enjoy the story below.

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Boys getting ready – it’s  quite unusual for them to be this serious about all this, but hey, they’re looking so smart here.

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stylish british wedding in France
Stylish British wedding in France

Time for a glass of whiskey!

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Off to the ceremony.

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An outdoor wedding in a French chateau

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Little flower girl tired from the long wedding day fell asleep in her mother’s hand during the ceremony. So cute!
wedding rings
Exchange of wedding rings and wedding vows

religious wedding ceremony in France

bride and groom wedding in France
Cheers to Sophie and Daniel, I wish all the best

french wedding

dog in a wedding in France
Chateau Challain has been a dogs friend;y wedding venue

Wedding guest list photography

During the cocktail hourt we went for a short walk around the village of Challain la Potherie for some photos.

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Well, you can not see him, but the little fluffy friend is between the bride and groom

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last wedding moment
I had leave for the airport early next morning, looks like the party had finished just 5 minutes ago.
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